Sarah Mills

Dave and the team at Ride 4 Life provide a great introduction to motorcycle riding.

From the basic training through to passing my MOD 2, the team have been incredibly helpful, professional, friendly and are experts in bringing out the best rider. I’d like to give a special thanks to Dom and Bomber for their patience and kindness. Furthermore, despite Covid-19 and all the disruptions and rescheduling, Dave has always communicated any changes and I find the attitude of the whole team to be incredibly supportive and encouraging.

I’ll definitely be back for some more advanced lessons.

Thank you Ride 4 Life!


Duncan Allen

Came for my second CBT yesterday having done it two years ago on an automatic, I was a bit anxious about learning a geared bike after two years on a scooter. The guys at Ride 4 life made me feel welcome and at ease, Stu, Bommer and Rod were just spot on and took the time to explain everything and were always more than happy to show me again until I had it nailed down and through positive feedback and encouragement really helped build my confidence. Rod (who has the patience of a saint!) really helped me out and gave me tips on how to get the bite point right and coming to stop without stalling it (mostly). Rod really came into his own on the road ride, after I had a bit of a wobble and was starting to lose it a bit, Rod talked me back and had me riding again in no time, thanks to his skill and patience I passed my CBT! Having done two CBTs with Ride 4 Life now I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks again! can’t wait to do my DAS!

Tom Maynard

To the lads at ride 4 life.

I came in for my CBT perhaps a month or two ago. I had failed the CBT a couple of years prior, via a different company in my hometown with a particularly mean instructor. The last time I had ridden before visiting you guys, I had fallen and scarred my elbow and hip. Put simply, I was very nervous.

I was welcomed by Dom, who was very calm and kind. The instructions were concise, clear and simple – and he had no problem explaining things further or repeating instructions and understood my concerns. In the mock junction parts, he let me practice the manoeuvres repeatedly until I felt confident, and was supportive in doing so, giving excellent tuition throughout. I was not made to feel like I was holding up progress, and I was not made to feel as if I was slow. Instead, it was made clear to me that he would much prefer I felt safe, and to take all the time I would need.

I felt immensely supported and looked after. In the break, chatting over the safety aspects, Dom made a safety script (which I’m sure he’s memorised by this point) interesting, funny and important. Being told not to drive angry sounds like such a simple thing, but having never actually been told it before, I recall falling from my bicycle years prior for this very reason. That talk was frank and simple – don’t fuck around with safety on a motorbike. Thank you for making that very clear, and as well as sharing your stories from your own experiences.

The ride segment felt relaxed rather then a test – which would have no doubt made me more nervous and no doubt prone to mistakes. I think the best example I can give to illustrate this was at a junction – I was last in the trio, and, although I was sure I had time to proceed, I aired on the side of caution to let a car pass before I pulled out. If I was nervous or scared about either keeping up or impressing the instructor, I’m sure I would have rushed out and perhaps caused an accident. Because the instructions were delivered as friendly advice rather than barking commands, I felt much safer and at ease.

I really enjoyed the road ride, I had shivers running down my spine throughout, particularly on the faster roads towards the end. Thank you for the experience – it frankly didn’t feel like a test, but rather a day of wisdom shared by someone whose spent a lifetime on bikes, demonstrating how to keep yourself safe out on the road.

The morning after my CBT, I flew to Vietnam with a mate. We spent a week or so in the mountains North of Hanoi, riding North to try and reach the border of China. It was the best experience of my life, and I wouldn’t have had the courage to do so without your encouragement and inspiration. And, despite the heat, safety gear was worn always, with no compromise, of course. (And a huge fluorescent cover for my bag.)I’ve attached a couple of images, but just wanted to share my experience to you guys as tutors and hope this shows some results what you do.  Thank you do much – I will no doubt return for my A2 if possible.

Best regards, Tom Maynard.

Nick Hudson

“A big thanks to all at Ride 4 Life for their help getting me through my direct access. I had different tutors for my CBT, module 1 and module 2; they all had different teaching styles but were all fantastic. They are great coaches, put you at ease straight away, take things at your own speed and only put you forward for your tests when you’re ready. Trust them, listen to them, and you’ll pass first time. I had a great time at Ride 4 Life but particular thanks to Bomber who instructed me most often. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ride 4 Life for any of your bike training needs, whether you have never touched a bike before or just need some top up training.”

As a side note, I ended up buying a 2001 CBR600F4i from Jax in town and absolutely love it!! Hope you’re all well.

Best regards

Nick Hudson

Mark Thompson

Hi Dave

Sorry taken so long to get back to you just thought I’d send a testimonial for your site. Passed my mod 1 and mod 2 first time with ride 4 life. Just like to say a massive thank you to all the instructors who do a brilliant job and really boosted my confidence throughout the course couldn’t recommend them enough. Just goes to prove your never too old to learn new tricks as I have just turned 52 and am now a proud owner of a Honda CBF 1000 just wish I’d have done it years ago.

Thanks again guys I’ll be nipping in for a cuppa with you all soon


Peter Cliff

Hi Bomber.  Thanks for the recent refresher training and here I am on a Suzuki 650 Strom on the Mae Hon Som Loop in N Thailand. Stunning Ride.

Lukas Urbanski

I would like to say a big thanks to you and your team for getting me through the both modules both first time pass 😃.A special thanks to Higgi and Bomber for their professional and superb approach to riding the bike not to pass the tests but to ride to be safe on the road and for that a massive thanks guys.

Best regards

Polski rider

Andy Locking

I used Ride 4 Life to complete my training from CBT, right through to Mod 2 which I passed today (13/06/2019).  May i take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the instruction through all phases of my journey which as done with professionalism and tact which made everything easy to learn and understand.  I fully endorse Ride 4 Life and if you are wanting to complete any form of training, then please use Ride 4 Life.

Thanks Again

Kev Mackenzie

Dave and the boys I just want to say a big thank to you all for helping me achieve my full motorcycle licence i did the direct access course and loved every minute every time i got on the bike I could not stop smiling thanks go to Bomber and Dom for their excellent training and patience I will miss you boys…..if anybody is looking for motorcycle training look no further this IS the place to go in 3 months I went from zero to unlimited….all the best for the future may you have many more successes Kev Mackenzie….😁👍

Jon Pitchford

Excellent. I cannot fault the training I received, and I would recommend Ride-4-Life to anyone. I had two half-days of training for Module 1, and another two half-days for Module 2. I was trained mostly by Paul (Bomber), also also Dom, Higgi and Rod at various times. They are all very different, and they are all superb in their own ways – I learned much more by having the diversity of ideas and methods. Safe, practical, and friendly.

Mark Long

Hi guys, just a quick thank you for all your team for an outstanding experience I had with you all with the bike training. Bomber Higgi & Dom what a great bunch of lads & even better instructors!

Passed Mod 1 & Mod 2 first time down to your great tuition & patience! I’ve already recommended you to my friends who are keen to start training & will always recommend you to others in the future.

Thanks again guys & hope to see you again soon.



Lianne Brigham

Hi to the team

Just wanted to say really enjoyed doing my CBT last Saturday you are all a great bunch of guys you make people feel such at ease. Thank you will definitely be coming back to gain my full motorbike licence with you all. Thank you for reminding me how much fun being on bike can be. If anyone out there is looking at learning to ride safely then look no further I would rate them at 150%

Kindest regards


Robert Dickinson

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2. Especially Bomber, always really helpful with his teaching approach and made the whole process really enjoyable. I’ve just invested in a BMW R80 RT so if any of you are ever over in Dublin please get in touch.

P.S. Thanks to the chef! The lunches that are provided are 10 out of 10!

Thanks again,

Andy Blunt

Hi Dave,

just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team for helping me to pass all my bike tests first time. I really enjoyed the whole process and received excellent tuition from Higgi, Dom and Bomber. Got myself a Harley street Bob last weekend 😃

All the best

Andy Blunt

James Holroyd

Hi Dave

Just wanted to thank you and your guys for getting me from complete bike newbie, through my CBT, theory, Mod 1 and Mod 2, to a first time pass, and all within a couple of months!

The training was fantastic, and riding with Dom, Bomber and Higgi I was really impressed by the quality of their tuition and knowledge – and the banter!

To anyone looking to get their license, I can’t recommend Ride 4 Life highly enough! Great tuition from a top bunch of guys in a relaxed and professional environment – with plenty of brews and bacon butties.

Can’t wait to get myself a bike now but will probably be into the new year unfortunately. Once I’m on the road I’ll pop round the school yard and say hello to the guys.


Andy Morritt

Hi guys

A few words to say a massive thank you to you all, you’ve helped and guided me to a lifetimes ambition. You’ve taken me from ‘all the gear and no idea’ when I did my CBT to passing my MOD2 first time of asking. The guidance and good humour of Bomber, Dom Higgi and Wayne got me total beginner – including a couple of epic fails (totally my own fault) – to full licence and a whole new outlook on life.

Thanks to Dave for organising it and keeping the wheels on and thanks to Lush for some great lunches. Can’t recommend Ride 4 Life highly enough. Great tuition, from great guys in a fantastic and friendly environment.

Thanks again

Andy Morritt


👋🏼 Deborah Britton-Twort

Well this morning I passed my Module two motorcycle test first attempt and passed my module one a few weeks ago first attempt too. Cannot Thank Ride 4 Life enough! Dave, Bomber and Higgi are absolutely fantastic. Its taken me 6 weeks from novice to DAS. I booked the lessons and listened to my instructors advice, taking that advice on board and learning. My lessons gave me the knowledge to build my skills and have lots of fun at the same time.
Biggest Thanks to Bomber who has seen me through the whole process, we laughed and he believed in me all the way, I will miss his voice in my ear piece.

If your thinking of taking your test …. think no more! Book in with these guys, listen to them and you will take to the road on two wheels in no time.


Jenny Stacey

Just wanted to say thanks to Dave and the boys at ride 4 life especially Bomber and Dom for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests so quickly after not being on a bike for 30 years.

The whole set up is very professional and well run with nothing to much trouble for the guys from when you first sit on a bike to walking out of the test centre with a pass.

So glad I choose Ride 4 life and would recommend it to anyone



Richard Perrin

Hi Dave

A massive thanks to all the guys at Ride 4 Life for getting me through my Mod 1 & 2 tests. The quality of your training has been first class. Bomber – I’ll make sure that my clutch control becomes more refined!

You’re the best!



Gavin Scott

Dave and the guys at Ride-for-Life Motorcycle Training are delivering a superb product at a great price. I rode with Higgi and Bomber and was impressed throughout with their knowledge, instructional technique and quality of tuition. They made each lesson relaxed and enjoyable both with a real aptitude for instruction.

The equipment they supply is superb and the training is excellent value for money. They took me from complete novice to passing CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 within a week using their experience, encouraging training techniques and flexibility with scheduling – I highly recommended this school and the highest quality of training they are providing.

Cheers guys I really enjoyed my time riding with you.

Hope to stop by for a brew in the future mate.



Chatherine Reynolds

Hi Dave
Huge thanks to you and your excellent team for all the help, support, encouragement and most of all patience required to get me from a complete utter nervous and very timid beginner to a confident, competent motorcycle rider. It felt like a true eureka moment when the examiner said I had passed. You guys made it happen and I thank you all very much indeed. Special mention to Bomber and Dom whose tirelessly and endless patience taught me the slow manoeuvres, especially the figure eight and hazard avoidance techniques.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards

Benjamin Spedding

I went right from CBT to A licence with the guys and from day 1 I knew I was being treated as an individual. Right from the start of the CBT I was asked ‘Do you want to go on to bigger bikes? Well then this is what it will be like…’
I could also tell Bomber was trying to ride the line between giving me all the tips to improve my riding and not denting my confidence too much. If I made a mistake he would tell me. If I made the same mistake a few times he would put me on the back of his bike to show me the correct way. If he had put me right a few times he would ease off to let it sink in and gain confidence again.
The guys go out of their way to make you feel at ease and you get the impression they just want more people to be able to get on a bike and enjoy all the good stuff that goes with it.
I’ve got my full licence now and can’t quite believe it.
Thanks a lot

Eddie Sykes
I can’t thank these guys enough for all their help, guidance and support. I was so nervous when I got on a bike due to a serious accident years ago. But these guys really care and from the start this was obvious, along with the fact that they really do want you to pass. I was mainly doing my test so I could surprise my ageing dad who has been a biker all his life before he packed it in. (His face when I went round on my bike was priceless) It was an emotional journey but I really felt these guys were with me. I have got on a Yamaha R1 straight away and I love it. A massive thanks to them all, I worked closely with Dave, Rod, Bomber, Higgy, Aussie and Ian. Big thanks to them especially.
Eddie Sykes=

Sally Jeffery
The best riding school in York! I can’t thank all the guys enough for their patience and understanding with me! I had an unpleasant experience with another “school “ in the area and my confidence had reached such a low I was ready to give up after failing my mod1 test. I heard about these guys by word of mouth so I called at the office the next day and was totally reassured that I was actually capable of riding a bike. So after a lot of banter and good feeling I had a course of lessons and passed!!!!! I honestly believe I could not have done it without this fantastic bunch of guys, all of them helped me in so many different ways. Bomber,an absolute star ! Never once did he make me feel useless and made me believe in myself. (Not an easy task!)Higgy, again his patience and understanding made me think about riding in a completely new light.Dave,a legend of a guy who’s got a team of guys who actually want you to pass your test but most of all want to teach you to ride safely. If you’re looking for a riding school this is the one for you! I passed my test on the 12th September and I still miss these guys now! The best thing I’ve ever done in my life and possibly the best summer I’ve ever had! Please don’t hesitate, make a call or call in, the kettle Is always on and you won’t regret it! Thanks again guys, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Stuart Perkins
Hi Dave, I hope you enjoyed your holiday!
I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for getting me through the bike test. I would have given up a good while back without the team’s support! Particular thanks to Bomber, Dom, Aussie Dave, and Higgi who I spent time with in the yard and on the road – the training was tailored both to what I needed and to my personality – ie easy-going, no-rush approach. No pressure at any point.
If anyone has any doubts, these guys could teach anyone how to ride a bike – very approachable and the environment they foster is so friendly that it was a pleasure going to the lessons – in a way I’ll miss them… Tea, coffee and lunches were an unexpected bonus too, the cakes were always fantastic!
Thanks again – I hope to pop by to show off a new bike sometime soon.
All the best

Sinead Hudson
Hi Dave and the team,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your patience with me whilst I took my lessons and my tests.
Going from not thinking I would ever ride a bike, to here today having just passed my mod 2 test. I had a great time whilst having my lessons and can’t recommend you guys enough!
Kind regards
Sinead Hudson

David Diston
Thanks so much from taking me from CBT and absolute novice to full license in under 2 months. You guys teach at such a high standard, that doing the tests was easy in comparison!
Bomber, Dave, Higgy, and Rod were great throughout and really understand how to get the best out of riders. Nice to see a school focused on the pupil (and with lot’s of tea and cake provided)!
You lot are awesome, thanks so much!!!!

Kevin O’Connor
Testimonial: I haven’t ridden a bike in over 20 years, and as the last bike I owned was a 125cc, the jump to a CBF 600 was a little daunting. I can’t thank the guys enough for an absolutely enjoyable and relaxed course, and on that note, I would like to extend a personal thank you to Higgy for his patience, humour and consummate professionalism.
If you’re looking for a team who love bikes and are second to none at delivering excellent instruction, then look no further.
Thanks again. Kev

Terri Wade
Hi Dave and all at ride 4 life.
THANK YOU all so much for all your efforts in helping me pass my bike test.
I had a truely fantastic experience with the team who were so focused on helping me achieve my licence.
Aussie and Higgy did a great job getting me going on the big bike. Bomber was especially amazing as he was there every step of the way. His constant encouragement and support made the process even more enjoyable.
At ride 4 life you don’t just get a company that teaches you to ride, you get people that really care and will go the extra mile.
And Dave, you’re awesome too!!!
Back soon for cake and hugs xx

Lawrence Furmidge
I undertook my DAS with Ride 4 Life in July and August 2017.
Having ridden my 125 on a CBT for over a year I thought I was a pretty good rider, but these guys have taken me to a whole new level.
All of the instructors are patient, helpful, and extremely knowledgable. They don’t just show you what you need to know to pass your tests first time (which I did), they also show you how to be a better all-round rider.
The training sessions are well organised and structured, but the instructors still make them fun and enjoyable. They correct your mistakes and give advice without ever making you feel stupid (unless you do something stupid, in which case you need to be told!)
I cannot recommend these guys enough, I am still riding my 125 but feel safer and more confident after my training with them.
If you want to pass your test quickly, and have fun while doing it, these are the people to do it with.
I hope that is ok, and thank you for everything, I genuinely mean everything I say above.
Kind regards
Lawrence Furmidge=

Judith Eason
Just wanted to say a big thank you to my instructors at Ride-4-Life; Rod, Higgi and especially Bomber, who taught me at every stage from CBT to Mod 2. I was a complete novice when I started training and I only gave it a go out of curiosity – just proves that these guys can train anyone to ride, they are very experienced and patient. Bomber will pick up every fault you make, explain what you should be doing and why and provide encouragement until you get it right. I’ve loved learning a new skill and thanks to the meticulous instruction, passed all stages first time – so young or old, male or female, you’re in good hands with Ride-4-Life. Give it a go, you won’t know ‘til you try.
Judith Eason

Michelle Mackley
Hi Dave and the team,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all your time, patience and support you have given me throughout my training at ride 4 life. Thanks especially to Bomber and Rod for all the great advice and positivity you both ensu. It’s been a real privilege to know you all and I hope to pop in from time to time to see you guys and have a catch up. It finally feels great knowing I have passed my mod 2.
Kind regards
Michelle Mackley xxx

Sarah Ashby

Hi Dave
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Bomber, Rod, Higgi and yourself for helping me to pass my Mod 1 & 2.
You are all amazing and extremely helpful when teaching me to ride.
I learnt so much from each lesson and you were all extremely patient. The best thing i found was that no matter how many times i did things wrong you always took your time to either show me or tell me time and time again how to do things right with constant feedback and encouragment on my progress. My confidence grew with each lesson and i cant thank you enough.
You are all very down to earth, enjoyable and relaxed to be around and i will miss you all.
I honestly dont think i could of passed these tests without your jokes, hugs and amazing encourament
I would highly recommend anyone looking to have bike lessons to go with the Ride4life team.
Keep up the good work and i hope to see you all soon when i call round with my new bike 🙂
Sarah Ashby 🙂

Liam Wright
Hi Dave
I would just like to say a big thank you to yourself and all the guys at ride-4-life. The training and confidence your guys provided me with made passing my tests a walk in the park. Great bunch of lads! Highly recommended.
Thank again
Liam Wright

Charlotte Chivers
I cannot praise all the gang at Ride 4 Life enough – completed my CBT and passed both my Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time which is a testament to the whole team who are very professional, perceptive and never made me feel bad even after dropping the bike (twice!) during my Mod 1 lessons. I wanted to pass before my 50th and achieved this today with almost 7 months to spare! I’m not going to write, “I’ll miss you all” because once I’ve bought my bigger bike and got a few miles under my belt, I’ll be in touch for Enhanced Training as I’ll intend to Ride 4 Life!!!
Thanks again and love to you all, Charlotte Chivers xxx

Richard Dykes
I’ve just passed my direct access license with these gents, absolutely fantastic group of people, they know how to put you at ease and informing you of where you need to improve.
There all warm hearted and happy people!
Thank you guys!

Ian Morgan
Hi Dave
I just wanted to thank you, Bomber, Higgi and Rod for putting me through my paces on Mod 1 & 2 and helping me pass my bike test, you’re all stars and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have my bike license.
You and the Ride 4 Life team are the best of the best and really know your stuff, your training sessions both at the school and out on the road are comprehensive and very thorough. I always came away from the sessions feeling I’d learned a thing or two and had improved my riding skills.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ride 4 Life to anybody looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle and pass their bike test, I’d tell them all that if you really want to learn how to ride a bike properly and pass your test, then there is only one place to go- Ride 4 Life, success guaranteed.
Thanks again for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Ian Morgan.

Alan Oakden
Just wanted to say a big thanks to all the team at Ride 4 Life. After completing CBT with my girlfriend last summer and riding a 125 for a few months I was itching for more and I was confident that the team at Ride 4 Life would get me trained up and passed with an A license ready for this summer!
The experience gained from having a professional keep an eye on you on the road, and providing instant feedback is invaluable and I’d recommend anyone seeking their full license/refresher training to go with these guys.
Alan Oakden

Tony Black
Dear Dave, Bomber and Rod (and the rest of the team!)
Just a short note of thanks and appreciation. After not being on a bike since riding 125cc’s, I had big plans after deciding over a beer with mates to tour this summer. I travel extensively with work, so timing to get me on a bike was a problem! I made contact with a number of companies, but found that I was struggling to get the lessons and tests planned, it didn’t feel like it was going to happen.
I eventually made an enquiry on your website and received a call back within the hour from “Bomber”, and as they say the rest is history. From that point, we discussed and provisionally planned the way forwards, CBT and Theory tests were planned and taken, both passed so on to Mod 1 and 2. Training dates were found and shuffled when my travel threw in a curve ball, which allowed me to get the training in prior to each test. I have to say, that I believe the level of training and encouragement given by the whole team, took me to a level, that I could pass my tests with confidence! I had too, the bike was in the garage and the tour dates set.
Great, friendly and constructive training which was tailored to meet my level at each stage.
Keep up the great work guys, without doubt a 5 star outfit.

Chrissy Gilham
Hi guys
Just another thank you for today. After having a 20-yr gap of not riding I was totally put at ease by you both. You’re friendly and approachable and take the time to listen. You’re clear in instructions and thorough when straightening out any flaws. I really enjoyed doing my cbt with you and would recommend you to anyone. I have come away confident and with a good dose of riding knowledge to be able to improve the more I ride.
Thanks guys
Chrissy Gilham

Richard Bonnici
Dear Dave,
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and the team, especially Bomber, Higgy and Rod for all the help and patient tuition getting me from my CBT in October to passing my Mod 2 today.
The set up you have is fantastic, the kettle is never off and the training area only a stones throw away from HQ and the short walk back to base for a lovely tasty lunch was always welcome.
It took me two attempts to pass both Mod 1 and Mod 2, but you and the team were always very patient and helpful and were always able to accommodate a re-test without much of a wait.
I cannot recommend you all highly enough to anyone wanting to undertake anything from CBT to full DAS training.
Many thanks once again, and a BIG thank you to Bomber.

Greg Melia
Throughout my CBT and DAS training with Ride 4 Life, I always felt I was in very safe hands. Their instructors are experienced and perceptive; I’m still amazed at some of the stuff they were able to pick up, and I’ve got them to thank that I passed both parts of my test first time. Sign up with Ride 4 Life and they’ll train you well for riding on the road.

Andy Johnson
Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Bomber, Higgy and the rest of your team for guiding me through my DAS.
The training is expertly run in an enjoyable way that encourages learning and good riding skills.
I look forward to being to promote your school to friends and colleagues

Jennifer Hart
I’m just emailing to say thank you to running such a great course. I passed my CBT on Saturday and had a fun and learning experience if a little cold with the weather!
My instructor Wayne was brilliant and very easy going and encouraging.
I was very impressed with your set up and staff and will definitely be coming back to do my refresher course in 2 years time.
Many Thanks,

Dariush Saeedi
I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the team at Ride 4 Life in particular to Higgi and Bomber. All the team and Ride 4 Life are exceptional, they were supportive, knowledgeable and experienced, they help develop you as a rider rather than just to simply pass the tests (although they do that well too!). They are enthusiastic and friendly, and frequently would go the extra mile in giving real-world advice/support to people training with them. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. I look forward to doing more riding with them in the future, in the enhanced riding course.
best wishes,

Janice Smith
Dear Dave and the gang
I just wanted to say thank you for the great training and confidence you gave me last year when I took my direct access with you.
This year I have been commuting to work on the bike and just got back from touring northern Spain and France. The trip was amazing and both my husband and I have got itchy feet to do it all again! – so we plan to go to Spain and Portugal next year!
I love being a biker
Best wishes
Jan Smith

Hayley Dobson
Dave and the Team!
What can I say… you are all an amazing bunch of guys. The patience, persistence and encouragement you have shown me over the past 5 weeks has been second to none.
For anybody, female or male wanting to complete your bike license, you MUST go with Ride 4 Life! I can not thank these guys enough. Dave you truly are the legend, you will always be the main dude!!
Bomber… words fail me for the confidence you have given me, from completing my CBT to passing my DAS with NO MINORs, you have been there in my ear all the way! Thank you just doesn’t cut it.
Amazing team – best guys around!!
Get your lesson booked in with Ride 4 Life.

Roger Cowdy
Ever since I was 16 I wanted to ride a motorcycle but my parents would not allow me. Since then life played out it’s hand with marriage, children, grandchildren and travel. Now at 62, I decided if I don’t do it now I will never do it!
Today after 2 months training and never having sat on a motorcycle I fulfilled that life times ambition, and passed my Mod 2 at the first attempt.
I would never have done this without the Professionals at Ride4Life. A big thank you to Dave the Boss, Rod, Higgy and especially Bomber. Bomber what can I say, you gave me confidence when mine failed me and kept on reminding me not to beat myself up on minor things that could easily be resolved. Rod, you always saw the humour in my failings. Higgy, to you I was always – LastMinute.Com, but with all your help and perseverance I succeeded.
I highly recommend Ride4Life to anyone, they are an outstanding bunch of professional instructors that train you to Ride For Life.
Look out open road here I come.

Andrea Priestley
All the reviews on here are true!!! I want to say a massive thank you to Dave and the guys at Ride-4-life for an awesome couple of days training. True to their word and every bit the professionals. I passed my CBT today with Dave at the helm! The training was thorough and fun at the same time. The guys are at the top of their game, the whole experience has been knowledgeable and friendly throughout with lots of encouragement. After a disastrous lesson with another company in York (not to mention any names) my confidence was knocked for six and I was very apprehensive about attending another course, but after meeting the guys at Ride-4-life my confidence came back and I can`t thank them enough for their support and training methods. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will see you all again in the future. Thanks again to Dave, Higgi and Bomber you guys are the best. Andrea

Richard Stephenson
Hi Dave
Thanks for fitting me in for the refresher course
I took the full day refresher courses as I was deciding whether to have a go at motorcycling again after a break of 35 years, I thought it would be a good way of finding out before splashing out and buying a bike.
Right from the off the relaxed atmosphere of pre training tea and “Higgys” chilled out instructions settled me down and into the day.
The first session of slow control quickly got me used to the controls again then more tea and we toured around Strensall followed by a run up to Helmsley in the rain, a bit scary after a long layoff but Higgys encouragement got me through it ok.
After pie chips and more tea we emerged from the cafe to dry roads we had a good run to Kirbymoorside then a blast back to base which put a grin on my face.
It was a totally successful day as I picked up a lot of tips from the day as well as deciding to give riding another go.
Technically the training was free ! As I picked my Yamaha XJ6 up on Saturday from South Leeds and saved the delivery charge without the training I would never have attempted it, I even went the long way home.
Richard Stephenson

Peter Robinson
Hey Everyone at Ride for life.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team for giving me what was a very enjoyable day last Sunday on my CBT. I learnt loads to do with Bikes and it has given me the confidence I need when I get my Bike on Saturday. While I was there I met Tony, Bomber and Rod who were all very friendly and I had a great laugh with them. Special thanks to Tony for Talking me through everything that I didn’t understand and helping me build my skills up in the playground before taking on the Road ride. In addition to that Tony very kindly gave me a lift home as the bus would have taken a long time! He returned to my house the next day as I had left something at the house! Awesome Guy!
Thanks again for a Fantastic day and I hope to come round on my bike sometime in the future!
Kind Regards
Peter Robinson

Jason King
Dave & all at Ride4life,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for getting me trained up and on the road from scratch, to now having my full bike licence all within 2 months fitting it all in round my work. I’m quite gutted to not be training on a Saturday anymore really did enjoy my time at Ride 4 life. My instructors Higgi & Bomber made time very enjoyable and getting me through Both tests with no bother at all 1st time, was a bonus and just shows what great instructors they are whilst keeping professional at all times, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ride 4 life to anyone who wants to get on the road.
And not forgetting the Great sarnies & cakes that your good lady makes.
Many thanks again. Jason King.

John Eastwood
Hey up
I’d like to thank you and your instructors for all your hard work over the month it took to get me passed my test. Passing both tests first time! Couldn’t have done it without you lot being so good at your jobs. Having to wait for my first proper day out riding because of work but I know it’ll great and safe Because of you guys. Cheers and thanks for the tea and sandwiches
John Eastwood

Joe Walduck
Trained by Higgi and Bomber, both laid back and relaxed approach to the lessons, good crack, made it easier to learn, felt like i passed with ease with this training, passed both mod 1 and 2 first time,
Highly recommend to others
Joe Walduck

Andy Caulfield
I would like to thank you, Bomber, Aussie Dave and Higgy for all your time and patience whilst under Ride 4 Life’s training.
Ride 4 Life has taken me through my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2, all of which were passed first attempt. It is a rare thing these days to get such a professional team, who also make the training fun and relaxed. No question, no matter how stupid, is any trouble. All training is explained and then shown. Any difficulties, jump on the back of the bike with the instructor and they demonstrates how it should be done – this gives you the actual feel of what the bike is doing and what the instructor is also doing.
I loved the experience and miss you all now I have passed…….. especially the Bratwursts (Dave).
The new bike is imminent and I will pop through one Saturday for a cuppa (and if I time it right a Bratwurst).
Also, as the training was so good, I will be coming back to see you guys in April-ish for a day of extra training on my new bike.
See you all soon

Harriet Gardner
I did my CBT with these guys in may, with Ozzy, never having been on a bike before, he is really funny and chilled, it made me want to carry on with motorbikes and continue to get the full bike liscence. I then moved to Newcastle but came back to do MOD 2 (with Bomber) in Nov after failing it once in Newcastle. Theyre awesome, proper biker guys, really professional and relaxed, but also give really good helpful tips which helped me pass the mod 2 test. Highlights include their general welcoming attitude, putting people at ease, good tips when out on the road, and loads of tea and coffee and if youre lucky, a Bratwurst!
Thank you so much, I will definately come back to do the next test when im 24!

Jeremy Bloxwich
I had a brilliant few hours with Higgi
on my refresher course and I learnt a significant number of new skills and techniques. The pace was just right from the moment we started. Even the pillion ride to the training ground proved a useful reminder and preparation. I have found the confidence now to go out “solo” and I put Higgi’s advice to full use on my first ride this morning. I did not feel a danger to myself or others on the road!! Thank you all for providing a safe and pleasant environment to find my feet again and to get up to speed (literally!) – an excellent instructor and experience throughout !
Best regards

Darian Saeedi
Hi Dave –
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Ride 4 life for an awesome day doing my CBT.
Considering prior to last week I hadn’t ever been on a bike before – now I’m buying my first bike and can’t wait to get on the roads! Excellent guidance and advice from everyone there. I had my 2hr road ride with Wayne and he was an absolute star.
Thanks again for a great day & the lovely sandwhiches! ( I’ll be sure to get some of the chutney from the chippy nearby! )

Tony Bolder
Just a note to say many thanks for the mornings refresher riding..looking back its been over 15 years and thanks to Higgy’s patience this morning I’m as happy as Larry about moving on with my new Tiger.
He was brilliant and had me back up to speed in no time with new techniques for slow riding and positioning again.
All I can say is thank god my tiger has self-cancelling indicators!!!
All the very best

Adam Charles
Hi Dave,
Just a quick line to say thank you to everyone at ride 4 life for all your help during my motorcycle training. For anyone looking to train or retrain take it from me these guys are the professionals and yet make your time learning fun and informative. From doing my CBT to passing my mod 1 and 2 first time i have felt relaxed and been given the knowledge and the confidence to progress quickly and safely. I would especially like to thank bomber and higgy who i did my training with for sharing their wealth of knowledge with me and making it such a great experience. Keep up the great work guys and ill be popping down with the CBR soon!

Kellymarie Hunt
Just want to say a massive thank you to bommer, Dave, ozzie & higgy, I did my CBT, MOD1 and 2 with them and i must admit i admire there patience, With me being vertically challenge ie small lol i did think i would struggle however not. They built my confidence up and today i just passed my motorbike test. Ride 4 life are like a family and ur welcome in with open arms. They all especially Paul are determined to get you through your tests even if you loose confidence there quick to pick it back up, you fall of you get back on it kind of attitude which is what you need. They are very professional, friendly and just all round brilliant and i certainly will be recommending them to my friends.
Again thank you so much.
Kellymarie Hunt x

Chilli Stenson
Thank you!
You were all brilliant.
From the CBT & Mod 1 with Ozzy to my Mod 2 with Bomber & not forgetting Dave at Base Camp.
You guys helped me, guided me, instructed me, enlightened me, put up with me & even picked me up off the floor!
Your friendly, professional manner helped me get over my nerves & get through it all with confidence.
I loved the experience.
I couldn’t have done it without you gentlemen of the road.
I thank you all.
The Chilliman

Damien Hide
Hi Dave,
Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Ride 4 Life, especially Bomber and Higgy for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. They built my confidence up and had me going in no time. Fantastic guys with lots of patience and great sense of humour. It was a great experience and best of all I past both parts of my test first time, all thanks to you!
Your made to feel very welcome with plenty of tea and coffee, not forgetting the food which is spot on!
If your thinking of doing any sort of bike training these are the guys to call.
I will be calling in to say hi when the weather gets a bit better on my bike. Again a big thank you.
Cheers Damien

Jonathan Winzer
I would like to thank the guys for being all round top blokes dave, bomber and higgy great place to do your test and a great atmosphere and great food for dinner thanks again will pop and see as soon as I get a bike .
Cheers jonathan winzer

Lee King
Hi Dave,
I just wanted to say many thanks to you and all your team for helping me get through my bike test yesterday. I would have no hesitation in recommending you guys to any one looking to do training on bikes. You have a great friendly crew there, and throughout my training I felt very welcome, almost part of a family.
As I am sure you can appreciate as a driving instructor for nearly thirty years now, I was a little anxious to say the least due to my lack of skill on a motorbike and also because when it comes to training and road safety I expected a very high standard indeed.
I was not to be disappointed. Nor need I have worried.
From doing my CBT all the way through to my mod 2 I was encouraged with loads of tips and helpful hints by a dedicated team of professionals.
Thanks to Aussie Dave for his patience.
Thanks to Rod for his knowledge and encouragement.
Thanks to Hicky for showing me how to operate the choke.
And Special thanks to Bomber for being what he is…. Professional.
Oh and Thanks also for all the tea and bratwurst sausages.
So from one professional to you all. Thanks guys.
Lee AA driving instructor.

Paul Docherty
Hi Dave and everyone,
As promised a testimonial from me….
Trying to keep up with my teenage son, I came along far to late in life to learn to ride motorbikes. I should have done it years ago… the training with Aussie Dave, Higgy and Bomber was just brilliant. Professional, patient, funny, interesting and what especially comes across is years of biking experience.
Sure it’s about the tests, and the team are great at test-prep, but they are also teaching seriously good riding habits for after the tests are done and dusted.
Great organisation, loads of tea and they will even agree to keep some of your mess-ups quiet from your teenage kids if you ask nicely!
Thanks guys.

Simon Ulrich
Morning Dave,
Recently passed my A2 test first time with the help of you guys, just wanted to provide some positive feedback for the website.
‘I started in February of this year (2016) by doing my CBT with Bomber, two months later and I have now completed my A2 licence first time and now have a bike! I would just like to say a big thank you to all the team.
I had such a laugh over the past two months with you guys and I would strongly recommend Dave’s Bratwurst sausage sarnie and cuppa tea!
I’ll be back in July next year when I turn 24 to complete my full DAS license.
Thanks again,
Simon Ulrich’

Greg Cawood
Fantastic group of guys. They are all very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful.
I did my CBT and direct access course with Ride 4 Life and would recommend them to anyone.
You couldn’t ask for more from the team.
Thanks for everything
Greg Cawood

Dave Bettney

I said I’d follow up with a testimonial …..
A big thanks to Dave, Bommer and Rod for a superb and swift training experience, culminating in passing my part 1 and part 2 in record time.
Thanks again gents 🙂
Dave Bettney
Picture attached of the bike I hired on leave whilst my Bonny was having the brakes done. Loved taking it all around the North Yorkshire Coast 🙂

Joanne Wade
Hi Dave
Just wanted to say a massive “THANK YOU” to all of you guys at Ride 4 Life.
I’m well chuffed to have passed my Mod 2 this week and it’s all down to the exceptional training, encouragement and patience that Aussie Dave, Higgy and Bomber have given me (and you too of course Dave!!).
At nearly 50, I was more than a bit nervous about starting to ride a bike from scratch, but Aussie Dave put me at ease straight away with the CBT and got me out on the road. Then Higgy was fab on my first ride out on the 600 – really helpful and soon had my nerves under control. And then there was Bomber! – what can I say?! You’re totally awesome – thank you so much for all your help, advice & guidance – couldn’t have done it without you – top trainer/top bloke!!!
You can’t get rid of me that easily though – I’ll be back to see you all soon for more coffee & hugs!!
Thanks guys.

Beverley Harper
Hi Dave and the guys,
I just wanted to drop you a line and say a big thankyou to you all for helping me pass my mod 1 and mod 2.
Thanks to Higgy for picking me up when I fell down and helping me turn left!
Thanks to Aussie Dave for being patient and encouraging me to carry on.
Thanks to Bomber for the great advice, encouragement and helping me calm my nerves.
Really appreciate everything you have taught me and would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to ride.
Keep up the great work.

Chris Bonser
Hi guys,
Just a quick line to say thanks again for getting me through to my full bike licence in quick time. Having not ridden for twenty years after a big smash on a 125cc I was a little apprehensive but Ozzie Dave put me at ease straight away and is an amazing instructor. Bomber calmed my nerves for Mod1 and the whole team were first rate getting me prepped for Mod2 (which I passed today on my first go! )
Professional, friendly and a good laugh – I’ve enjoyed every second of my training with you which culminated in my first ride out on my own today on my shiny GSX-R 600. I’m hooked and cannot recommend Ride 4 Life enough. I’ll be sending people your way.
Thanks again.

Ian Hopkinson
Hi Dave,
Just wanted to thank you again, and in particular Bomber and Auzzie Dave for helping me pass my test. I’m still feeling a buzz from the experience and I haven’t even got a bike yet.
Anyway, thanks again. I’ll recommend as many people as I can to your company. You have a great team and I really enjoyed the whole experience.
Ian (Hop)

Barrie Grice
Where do we start 49 years old never ridden on the road just another dodgy van driver. On first arrival made to feel at ease with a cup of tea. As training progressed everything was explained in enough simple detail to begin with . As your confidence grows so does the information and training to suit YOU. Me being a tight Yorkshire man, I would have no problem recommending these boys to anyone. Two words sum it up THANK YOU Barrie

Steven Hoyle
Dear Dave,
Just a few lines of thanks for what turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable day when your team coached me through my Compulsory Basic Training course for my scooter.
Special thanks goes to Ian and Wayne who did an excellent job and didn’t vilify me for being the only ‘pansy wagon’ on the course.
Thanks also to Linda who I think who provided the wonderful Bratwurst sausages and the apple cake at lunchtime.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone needing bike training and I will be definitely seeing you when I feel I am ready to take my bike licence.
Thanks again.
Yours sincerely
Steven Hoyle

Sarah Miller

Finally got around to dropping you a line. What can I say? What a fab team, providing excellent (honest) training and bags of encouragement. A huge thank you must go to Bomber and Aussie Dave who have had the utmost patience with me. Anyway you all got me through before my 50th, which, as you can see from the photo, turned out to be rather expensive for my other half! I have no hesitation in recommending you guys.

Carol Brough
Hiya Dave,
Sorry I did not get chance to say goodbye yesterday, looks like your phone is hot with calls, thats good!
Thank you all so much, what a great set up you have and everyone is so friendly, it was as though right from the start I was made to feel welcome and everyone is doing it for the love of bikes and not just a job.
I’m definitely hooked now, I went out last night across to Sheriff Hutton, not a soul on the road, even the short stretch of the A64 that I have to do to get out of here was quiet (unusual cos it was such a brilliant evening) I’m looking forward to being out and improving on what I have been taught, Ozzy is a great instructor, so calm and doesn’t get stressed, me, I’d be a nervous wreck taking people out on the open road, don’t expect me to apply for any instructor vacancies in the future but I will be back to graduate on to the bike test, its got to be done!
Thanks once again and hope all goes well for the carnival tomorrow,
Carol (Brough) ?

Sophie Deed
Hi Dave,
I came and did my CBT on Sunday 21st June and just wanted to email you to say what a fab day I had. Everyone from your company was very helpful and friendly to me from the minute I arrived (including yourself of course), even though I had no idea what a ‘twist and go’ was and I didn’t know if a moped was automatic or not!! Blonde inside as per usual… The group that day was small and personal which I enjoyed so you didn’t feel silly in front of a big group and got lots of attention/help if needed.
Tony & Aussie Dave were great instructors; calm, patient, made you feel safe, a good crack and extremely knowledgeable. The day was well organised, informative on all aspects of motorbikes (i.e. clothing etc) and very enjoyable at the same time. Couldn’t recommend a better company to the training with!
I may only be starting off my biker chick-ness with a 125cc moped but I’ll see you folks when I get to the big boys!
Thanks again guys 🙂
Sophie Deed

Elliott Moir
To the Ride 4 Life team,
Big thanks you to all the team for getting me through DAS quickly and successfully. Special thanks to Bomber for his CBT guidance and pre-test pointers and reassurance, and another thank you to Aussie Dave for his stories and knowledge; training me through Module 1 and 2 of the DAS. I highly recommend Ride 4 Life for your motorcycle training and I’m looking forward to going back in the coming months for the Enhanced Rider Scheme.
Elliott Moir

Andrew Sadler
I would like to thank you for your time and effort in helping me pass my MOD 1 and MOD 2 tests i wish you all the best in the future
Safe riding

Last week was brilliant! After 8 weeks of training I took my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests and, based on excellent guidance and support from Ozzy and Bomber, passed both. The training provided by Ride 4 Life has been second to none, a friendly team that focuses on teaching you how to ride, not just passing a test.
My new CBR650F was delivered on Saturday and as a result of the training I felt confident heading out alone for the first time. I’ve still lots of experience to gain but thanks to Ride 4 Life I’ve got the foundation skills to become a safe and competent rider.
Thanks for all your help; I’ll see you for the advanced training!
Stuart W

Andrew Brown
A massive thank you for getting me through my CBT and motorbike test. From the end of November last year with my CBT with Aussie Dave and then on to my Mod 1 & 2 in early January with Bomber. With out your help I wouldn’t have been able to go on a brilliant motorbike holiday in Spain (13 days to spare!) in January this year. I am writing this now as am the proud owner of my first motorbike at the age of 42! I know I had my own pressure to pass with so little time but you brought it all together, arranging test dates to fit in around me and the weather! I have and will continue to recommend you and the team to anyone and everyone looking to take their motorbike test!!

Kerry Brown
Hey guys
Just a message to say a massive thank you to the team for helping me pass my full licence from start to finish. Enjoyed every minute of it and can’t sing your praises any more than I already do! Off to pick up my SFV 650 next week! Will pop round one weekend to say hi, maybe when it’s warmed up a little though!!
Bomber your a legend!!
See you soon guys and thanks again!

Lee Milnes

Hi Dave and Bomber
It’s been a year now since I’ve past my test and I wanted to to say thanks to you and your team for getting me through my test. You made it quick and painless but most of all enjoyable and now I ride this beauty

Jon Thompson
Hi Dave,
Sorry for the delay, I have been a bit busy at work but wanted to send you a mail to say thanks for the excellent service. I came back to Ride 4 Life to do my big bike lessons after the good experience on the CBT course last year.
Bomber and Aussy Dave were absolutely fantastic, they were calm and easy going during the training and road rides, but critical enough to ensure none of my self taught habits crept back in before the tests.
Throughout the lessons they both ensured that we moved on to either the next section or took tests as soon as I was at the appropriate level, I certainly never felt as though they pushed the idea of extra rides for the sake of it. Their pointers and tips on riding are not just about passing a test, they always related the lesson or skill to a real situation. The service even extended to advice on the first bike bike, which is now happily taking me to work every day with a smile on my face.
I would be very happy to recommend the school to anyone looking to progress their riding.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards, Jon

Jane Fisher
Hi Guys
Just wanted to say how happy but relieved I am on completing my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests and becoming a fully qualified rider !!
I am so grateful to you all, as I believe I have learned abit from all of you. Brilliant tuition all the way through and the patience of a saint, needed by some of you. Certainly was a testing time for you as well as me. Extra thanks go to Paul, Ozzy and Dave for always believing in me.
I would recommend ride-4-life to everyone who wants to learn to ride, they have alot of time and patience and make you feel at ease, even when your not. I had some difficult moments but I never gave up, you helped me rebuild my confidence and that’s invaluable.
Will always keep in touch as you are more friends now than instructors.
Thanks again
Jane Fisher

Daniel James
Hi guys, just want to say a big thank you for all your help, especially Bomber, fantastic instructor, very clear with commands ect, i’d without a doubt recommend Ride 4 Life to anyone thinking of taking up riding. It’s been a great experience from doing the CBT with yourselves and also the MOD 1 and the MOD 2 which i just passed today (25/09/2014).
Many thanks again been a pleasure, Danny James

Jason Kane
Absolutely fantastic set of guys! From start to finish the 1st day I got there doing my CBT they made me feel so at easy!!
I have wanted to learn to ride a motorbike for years, But I just never had the confidence to get out there and go for it so I Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Ride-4-life for making this experience unforgettable. Bomber Aussie Dave and Higgy for their invaluable advice. All of these lads are honest and genuine and will not lie to make more money out of you. From the first day I was told that I would be taught how to ride a bike and not just how to pass a test. I recommend these guys to anyone who wants to learn the proper way to ride!! I will definitely be having a ride out to Strensall one Saturday to pay you all a visit on my ride!! Untill then guys take care!! Jase Kane

‘I’m a 50-something who has been contemplating a return to motorcycling. Given that I haven’t ridden a bike for more than 20 years I knew I needed a really good refresher which would boost my confidence. A Ride 4 Life one-to-one session seemed to be just what I needed, my only question was ‘Is it worth going all the way to York from Sheffield?’ I knew within 10 minutes of starting my lesson that the answer was ‘yes’. Higgi was a brilliant trainer – very encouraging, but giving me loads of feedback on ways I needed to improve. There was no faffing around at all – I was picking up tips from the moment I arrived at the Ride 4 Life premises. Higgi started with the basics, which was exactly what I needed, then progressed at exactly the right pace until we finished the session with a very enjoyable ride round some local country roads. I couldn’t believe how much I had progressed by the end of the session. One thing I really liked about Higgy’s approach was that although his emphasis was on about how to ride safely, he never lost sight of the fact that riding a bike should be fun. If you’re thinking about booking a lesson with these guys my advice would be to go for it. I recommend them highly.’

James Varney

I only came to Ride 4 Life to do my CBT, however I enjoyed it so much and was made to feel so welcome and like “one of the gang” that I continued with my training and have just completed my Mod 2 test first time with no faults. As a driving instructor I also really appreciated the guys positive teaching methods towards road safety and the passion they have for biking. Thank you to all of the team as I know most of you have helped in my training.
James Varney – DVSAADI (car)

Dr Christos Miamiliotis
Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Ride-4-life for making this experience unforgettable. Aussie Dave and Higgy for their invaluable advice but most of all Bomber, not only for teaching me how to ride a bike, but also for calming me down before the tests. All of these lads are honest and genuine and will not lie to make more money out of you. From the first day at CBT I was told that I would be taught how to ride a bike and not just how to pass a test. I have to say this is what the lads delivered. I recommend these guys to anyone who wants to learn the proper way, hands down!! I am even going back for a pillion passenger course!
So thank you very much and see you soon (put the kettle on!). You guys are awesome!

John King
Just wanted to say a really big thank you for a great day.
Thanks to Ozzy for all the patience, knowledge and experience past on to us,
It was a fantastic experience and so would definitely recommend you guys for
being so helpful and friendly.
Have a great time in London.
Best wishes
John and Rebecca

Emma Foster
Hi Dave, Just wanted to take the time to thank you and Bomber for a great day when I obtained my CBT. I was nervous, having never even started a bike up before, but you guys made me feel welcome immediately and I felt like I was in safe hands from the first minute. Bomber was a great tutor and part of his talent is knowing when to back off and give you time to figure some things out for yourself. With patience like that, and eyes everywhere, he was the best teacher I could have asked for. Thanks again, and I’ll be seeing you soon for some further learning and help with my tests.
Very best wishes, Emma

Toni Zimmermann
Hey Dave, long time no see! sorry that its taken me so long to write to you guys but I just wanted to say thank you so much for my training and your patience to get me through my A2 tests, especially to Bomber, I don’t know how he survived training me haha! I’m currently saving up for a wee sports bike and when I’m able to, I’ll be back to train for my DAS course 🙂 thank you so much guys! Ill be round soon for a cuppa XXX

Simon Malone
Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say a big thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day with Aussie Dave and Dom doing my CBT (first time on a geared bike); great crack and quality training all topped off with a Ginsters pasty! They make a good brew as well. Theory test next then a bit a work convincing the wife the full bike test is the way forward which I will definitely be doing with Ride 4 Life!!!

Marc Crossfield
After a friend of mine passed his test in summer I thought I would give it a go and see how long the guys thought it would take me to learn to ride (not just pass my test), they advised me that everyone is different and you cant just put a number of lessons on it. After struggling with the mod 1 stuff (which I didn’t think would happen) an extra lesson on the bike and I pretty much nailed it, thanks to the great coaching and guidance from the guys I passed both of my tests with only a couple of minors.
Basically Ride 4 Life has a great bunch of guys who are easy to talk to and they are also brilliant coaches.
I done my CBT a few years ago with a different company (which expired) so I can most definitely recommend Ride4Life to anyone whether its for a CBT or for the full DAS course, their coaching is second to none.
I have also been into a couple of motorcycle shops in and around York and everyone I have dealt with asked me who I was learning with, when I told them it was ride4life they all said how good they are, one guy even said you cant learn with anyone better in York.
Thanks again guys, now for the fun.

Debbie Smith, Tech Tyres
Just wanted to say thanks to Dave and the guys. I was a complete novice starting with my CBT and went on to pass my mod 1 and mod 2 first time. Thank you for your patience and encouragement during my struggle to get the mod 1 exercises right. As a female rider I was made to feel totally relaxed and was able to build up my confidence during the mod 2 lessons I took with Bomber. I feel I learnt so much in such a short time and would recommend the Ride 4 Life team to any one who’s thinking of taking lessons. I’m nearly 50 and now enjoying my new bike, can’t stop smiling. Thanks for the cuppa’s and lots of laughs. Oh and Bomber, your the man! Cheers

Andrea Butterworth
Absolutely fantastic set of guys!
I would highly recommend anyone looking to take bike lessons to go with the Ride 4 Life team.
I have wanted to learn to ride a motorbike for years, it’s been my dream. But I just never had the confidence to get out there and do it. I thought because I was a girl, and that I had no real idea about bikes, I would just get laughed at and not taken seriously. Anyway, I bit the bullet and just went for it, and I’m so glad I did.
The guys took me from complete novice, never being on a bike, through from CBT to completing the Direct Access Course and passing both parts of the test first time.
Every step of the way they filled me full of confidence in myself.
Each of the instructors has a different approach and teaching technique, which is very helpful as you pick up different tips and techniques off each one, and if you find you struggle in a certain area when with one instructor, you might find the next time you’re out with a different instructor, their style of tackling it might suit you better.
Each of them are very professional and deliver training to a high standard, yet at the same time they are very patient, down-to-Earth and make lessons enjoyable and relaxed. The fact that they all love their job and find it rewarding when they get their pupils through and passed is what makes it such a comfortable group to be around. One of the guys even told me that the bigger the challenge i.e. someone like me where riding didn’t come naturally at the first lesson, the more rewarding it is when they get them through to a pass, I found this really put me at ease and took the pressure off.
Thanks to all the guys at Ride 4 Life for getting me there. Now for the dream to begin!

Meg Williams
Hi guys,
I did all my training and both tests with you in October / November 2012 and ended up buying the bike that I trained on from you. (YX51 EPC) My two main trainers were Bomber and Dave. I had a blast during the training and nailed both tests – all thanks to you guys!
The CB 500 served me well and got a little personal tlc in April 2013 in the form of a new gas tank and mudguard re-spray to black. It’s still doing well and I couldn’t have asked for a better starter bike for myself. The fun really started in July this year – I moved over to Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area) and got a little upgrade in the form of a 2013 Ninja 650. The roads here are great and so far riding has been a pleasure… not to mention it’s November and still great riding weather. 😉 No crashes or drops since I passed either which is always a plus.
Just figured I’d drop you folks a line to show my thanks! Riding is great fun and I’m glad to be on the road.
Thanks again,

Rachel Cartwright
Dear Dave, Bomber and team now that things have settled down I wanted to say a huge thank you for giving me the means and confidence to pass my mod 1 and mod 2 first time. I would highly recommend you to anybody wanting any sort of training on a bike you were great. Picked up my bike at the weekend and loving it haven’t stopped smiling since thanks again guys. 🙂 Rachel

welcome to write here because I would like to thank you for helping my dream to be fulfilled, but also for the friendly atmosphere when assigning the next steps. I am not an Englishman, and my English is not that good . And yet I had no major problems with communication which testifies to the professionalism of the whole team I can Ride4life sincerely recommend you to all foreigners born here and I thank good job

Jake Reinders
Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for the patience and good instruction over the past few weeks. Paul, Rod, Hig and Dave – you guys were all great. I wanted to learn to ride, not just pass my Mod 2, and I managed to do both on a very tight deadline.
All the best

Steve Cipriano
I Would just like to thank you all at ride 4 life I am now officially a biker after today and it feels great The Ducati is fantastic When I turned up for my first lesson I couldn’t have been welcomed any better Bomber & Higgi were extremely friendly and made me feel at home straight away During the lessons the lads gave clear instructions and at no point when I made a mistake was i made to feel uneasy. Quite the opposite the encouragement and camaraderie was unbelievable After the lessons I felt I was a much better rider and my confidence levels have increased beyond any expectations Passing my MOD 2 test with no faults was all down to the instruction over the weeks and i can only thank you all I could thoroughly recommend ride 4 life to anyone who wants to become a biker It was an absolute pleasure to meet you guys and I feel that I have gained some new friends
Good luck for the future, Steve

Donna Walker
Hello Dave, Massive thanks to you and all the team at Ride 4 Life. Only a few months ago I was a complete novice and today I passed my Mod 2 and can ride any bike. Yippee!!! I was going to use a local bike training group to get me through my bike test but Alex at Infinity in York recommended Ride 4 Life so I gave them a try and I’m so glad I did. Being a girl I was a little nervous at the prospect of being taught by a group of guys but they soon made me feel at ease as they were so friendly, helpful and supportive. Special thanks to Bomber for his time and patience and for making every lesson fun even though I must have driven him mad at times. I’ll be recommending the team to everyone I meet. Thank you all so much . . . . . Donna

Debra Black
:-)Ride 4 life, This Debbie is very excited I’ve just passed my bike test 29.08.2013 I don’t think I will ever stop smiling. I would like to say a very big thank you to Dave and his team especially bomber, you,re a first class guy, From day one of my journey with you ,you have given me confidence and an enjoyable experience. Thank you for being so patient with me. I would recommend ride 4 life for being so efficient and making riding bikes fun. Thank you and big hugs from Debs xx

Craig Wilby
Alreet Guys,
Just a quick mail to thank you all at ride 4 life. Your training in getting me to pass my full bike licence was 1st class.
Big thanks to Bomber and Higgi for my training and getting me to the stage to pass 1st time round.
A 39 year old scooter boy turned into a full biker!
From Vespa to my new Ducati Monster 796
Big thanks Guys keep up the excellent work

Zac Douglas
I got all inspired to ride bikes 3 months ago. I choose Ride 4 Life due their reputation. The guys managed to train me to pass all my tests first time working around my tight work schedule and have it all done within two months or so. Having never ridden a geared bike before pleased with how quick I managed to get it sorted. Granted they may not be the lowest priced training school in York but I can certainly say they will do right by you and get you to a position where you can pass your tests first time round saving you a fortune.
The trainers will have a good laugh with you putting you at ease from the word go. Be warned, if you continue to leave your indicator on you may rack up a large bar tab!!!
Thank again for your help and feel free to pop in for a coffee if you are passing us while on lesson

Adi Wells
Hi Dave, Just wanted to say thanks again to you and Bomber and the rest of the team for getting me through all of my motorbike training. It’s been a great journey that you and the team have made happen for me, from being a complete novice to doing my CBT with you back in February, going all the way though Mod 1 to passing my Mod 2 test today in August and having my full motorbike license. All the instructors have been excellent and professional throughout. Dom, Tony & Ian took me through my CBT. Bomber, Higgy and Rod through lessons and training for Mod 1 & 2 and all the helpful advice that you and the rest of the team have given my over the months, it’s really appreciated. I would highly recommend the Ride 4 Life team to have the best training, knowledge and a laugh with it too. I can’t wait to get a bike and start riding now! Thanks again guys, Adi Wells.

Laura Feetenby
Hi just thought I’d write you a testimonial to say thank you and to let everybody know how fantastic I think you all are
“I’ve done my training from start to finish with the guys , they provide a safe and enjoyable approach to riding . They are very professional and provide a well thought out approach to training , they also provide a cracking cuppa after and a laugh !!
I trained with most of the team , Dave , Bomber ,Dom and Higgy , mainly Bomber,mod 1 -2 and Higgy ,throughout mod 1 ,who improved my confidence to become a strong rider and to get me through my tests safely and enjoyably , Ill miss you all very much , thanks again ,keep up the excellent standard of work dudes ”

Virginia Green
Hi Dave / Bomber
Hope you’re both well. Testimonial below as promised, sorry it’s taken a while, a bit like my bike licence hey ;-)! A fab, fun & professional experience with more than a few laughs along the way! What a great bunch!! Being a woman these guys put you at ease in more ways than one! They provide clear guidance, excellent advice & the top class training is second to none. All the guys at Ride-4-Life are truly dedicated to getting you through your test whether it be purely to pass your CBT or Mod 1 & 2. Ride-4-Life is an excellent training school which I’d recommend to anyone (Male or Female). From day one on completing my CBT right through to completing Mod 1 & 2 I have felt welcome & the helpfulness, encouragement & high standard of training goes a long way in building confidence & making you feel at ease on the bike & out on the road. Bomber what can I say!! You must have the patience of a saint!! You were just fab!! I’d just like to say a HUGE thank you for all your expertise, patience & understanding Oh & the odd slap across the wrist too…..was well worth it! You are truly dedicated to your job & this really shines through in your training style. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I passed my Mod 2 although I’m sure you’ll have noticed & it’s all thanks to YOU!! You’re a legend!! I’ll miss you guys!! It was great fun from start to finish J I’ll be an advocate of Ride-4-Life for the rest of my days! It was a truly magical experience. I can now move on to the next item of things I’d like to achieve before I’m 40 now the top box is ticked!! Thank you!
Best wishes & all the best for the future GG xxx

Richard Cook
Just want to write to big up Dave, Bomber and the team for being top blokes and mega instructors. Got me through DAS mod 1 and 2 having never rode a bike before without and drama. A friendly attitude and approach to some good teaching and techniques. Had a great time getting my licence. Never short of a brew either! Thanks fella’s.

Chris Hughes
Hi guys,
As promised, find below my testimonial for your website. Thanks again for a great experience, a good laugh and your excellent training skills.
“A truly professional experience from start to finish. An excellent training school recommended by a friend, I went through the entire process for the full ‘A’ category licence from CBT, module 1 to module 2 with the guys. I had lessons with Dom, Dave and Bomber and all were excellent. The training school teaches to a level well beyond that required to get through the tests and the invaluable advice/tips given throughout the training can be applied to riding after passing the test.
In particular, a special thanks to Bomber who was my instructor for the majority of the training. He provides a well thought out approach to training that is very much tailored to the individual’s skill level. A patient instructor who makes the training lots of fun whilst being strong at the correct moments to ensure you develop into a safe and competent rider.
I highly recommend Ride 4 Life. Thanks once again guys!”

Kelly Wren
What a fantastic training school. The training, the instructors, the bikes. I found the whole ride 4 life package brilliant during my mod 1&2 training.
It was well worth the 80 mile round trip for lessons. I have enjoyed every minute. There’s no stress or hassle training with these guys, everyone is so friendly, understanding and encouraging the training is to a very high standard yet delivered in such a relaxed way. Was great fun.
Nothing is to much trouble for anyone – thanks Dave for seeing me for an assessment even though you were supposed to be packing your bike up for your hols! Really appreciated that.
A big thanks is to Bomber who has been my main instructor and has been fantastic. All the knowledge and encouragement really did give me the confidence to improve and become a srtonger rider. I couldn’t have done it without him.
The road riding lessons I had were brilliant and really prepared me for taking my mod 2 in an unfamiliar area. Just shows if you’re taught well you can pass your test on any roads!
If you seriously want to pass your test first time and come away been a safe and competent rider then ride 4 life is the way to go. I’ve had a great time and can’t recommend the guys enough

James Quartermaine
Dear Guys,
I’d like to say a big thank you for getting me from a complete newbie through to passing my mod 2 today. The friendliness and professionalism shown by the whole team is a credit to all involved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ride 4 Life to anyone interested in joining the biker community and getting out on the open road with confidence.
Again, many thanks.

Martin Lund
Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the team at Ride 4 Life, you guys not only give great training but friendly and supportive advice, but always managed to make it fun and enjoyable at the same time. I would also like to give a personal mention to Rod who helped me get through Mod 1 and Bomber who helped me get through Mod 2 fantastic guys thank you

Wendy Leslie
Hi guys,
Just wanted to get in touch to say a big thank you and write a testimonial for your website!!! ….
I was so thrilled when I passed my bike test back in May, and the fact that I passed everything first time is a credit to the first class training I have had! Most importantly, since I have traded the scooter in for a Kawasaki ER-6F (I love my new bike!!!), I have been enjoying every minute of my riding, because I know Ride 4 Life has given me such good training, and I have felt confident straight away! I learnt so much at every lesson, and I had an absolute blast whilst doing so!! I cant thank you all enough, especially Bomber and Higgi for all the mod 1 and mod 2 training! The downside to passing my test-I miss having my lessons with you guys! I used to come home so enthused and with such a big smile on my face, my husband is now getting in on the action!! Not surprisingly, he seems to be enjoying his time learning to ride as much as I did! No question about it-you guys are THE BEST! Thanks again!

Rupert Towers
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Ride-4-Life, for all their expertise, time and passion for Riding which has enabled me to fulfill my goal and pass my Bike test first time.
Having been recommended Ride-4-Life by a colleague i was not disappointed.. Immediately on arriving for my CBT and all the way through to the completion of my MOD 2, i was given the highest level of professional instruction and guidance. Through the efforts and dedication of all the staff i was able to complete all the stages of my full licence first time, and through their passion for riding i have come away as a more confident and safer rider.
I would like to further mention a special thanks to ‘Bomber’ who guided and trained me throughout my time at Ride-4-Life and who believed in my ability and subsequently gave me the confidence to pass all my tests. This was only possible because of him and his professional instruction, relaxed teaching style, and dedication.
In summary I am immensely proud of passing my test and fully acknowledge that this was only possible because of all the dedicated staff of Ride-4-Life. I highly endorse and recommend them to anyone who is embarking on learning to ride or improve there skill level.
Rue Towers

Nigel Benson
I thought I’d drop you a few quick lines just to say thank you so very much for getting me through my bike test first time. From the day I arrived for CBT to the final coffee and chat after arriving back having passed Mod 2 it has been a blast. Everyone at Ride-4-Life has been so friendly and relaxed yet thoroughly professional. To learn so much and to have such fun at the same time has been great. You guys will get my recommendation any time. Cheers!

Ben Hamilton
I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thanks to both you and the team for providing such first class guidance and tuition and enabling me to pass my Module 1 & 2 tests as well as my CBT earlier in the year.
Thanks to Rod & Dom for the CBT training and getting me going on to the open roads safely and really well prepared, Higgy for then getting me used to the bigger bike and the Mod 1 training and my first ride out on a 600 and Bomber for the absolutely fantastic road training I went from me being a complete nervous novice to having the confidence to pass my Mod 2 with only 1 minor fault and it shows Bombers passion that he was more disappointed than I was with that!
I’ve now gone from just wanting to pass my test in order to ride my mighty Vespa 300 to planning what bike I’d like to buy next.
Finally thanks for all the great stories and the really friendly atmosphere you and all the team pervade.
I will undoubtedly be having a ride out to Strensall one Saturday to pay you all a visit on said Vespa.
Thanks again,

Kevin Walker
To Dave and all Instructors: I turned up a complete beginner in November last year having never ridden a motor bike and passed DAS in April this year. The training was very enjoyable even if the weather was terrible at times and I am sure I tested Bombers patience a few times. Thanks Dave for all the tea and sausage butties and the odd tale or two. I will miss coming over for my lessons. I look forward to coming out on a ride sometime with you guys, many thanks Kevin Walker.

Craig Fletcher
Hi guys. Been a while but just wanted to say thanks so much for all the training and confidence building you gave me to be able to pass both parts of my test and to be able to join the bike community!! Loving every minute of my new lifestyle. Had so much fun learning with you all especially Bomber n Higgy…..had a good laugh every time i came over for lessons. It was such a friendly and light hearted approach but also a very professional way to teaching all the skills needed in order for me to go out and pass both parts of my test first time….cool!!!!
Really loved the way you focused on my weaker points of riding but also made me a better rider all round.
Will hopefully be seeing you all soon and maybe could tag along on a ride out with you all sometime…..
Once again many thanks to you all and rest assured i will be recommending Ride 4 Life to anyone who is thinking of opening up their way of life and thinking of becoming a biker….i cant get enough if it…..cheers guys….Craig.

Wil Ker
Ride 4 Life are an extremely well equipped team to get you through any of your bike tests, they have the gear the bikes and most importantly the knowledge. The yard training for the MOD 1 test got me from useless to test standard in two afternoons. And Bomber’s ‘aim for a clean sheet’ approach meant that I was more than prepared for the MOD 2. Even though I lack facial hair and tatoos, I was warmly welcomed into the Ride 4 Life ‘family’. All this and great sausage sandwiches and tea too! Cheers guys.

Gareth Willerton-Trory
Both my wife Clare and myself wish to thank Dave, Tony and Dom for helping us complete our CBT’s today. They were full of patience and understood our frustrations while we got to grips with the bikes we were using but they helped us through with trial and error. Clare esp wishes to thank Tony for not shouting at her when her bike accidentally flew off into a ditch (we are still giggling!!) and she will treasure the broken wing mirror she was given as a memento. But in seriousness we would recommend these guys any day, the training was thorough, and not rushed or pressured. We left full of confidence and will be returning in the future to carry on our biking adventures. A big thank you guys.

Tom Bell
“Thank you very much to Dave and the team at Ride 4 Life. When I first got on a bike for CBT, I was all over the place, and wondered if I’d ever be able to manage it. But with the excellent, patient and thorough instruction from all the instructors, I got from CBT to a Cat A pass in three months, with no retakes! All the instruction is highly professional, with lots of constructive criticism and supportive advice, and all focussed on ensuring that you ride sensibly and safely. Individual thanks to Tony and Dom for the CBT, Higgy for the Mod 1 instruction, and especially Bomber, who did most of the road rides with me, and massively helped to build up my confidence, and get me through the tests. Cheers!”

Brett Hanson
Thank you so much for the training and getting me through my test 2 days before the new change for motorcycle tests. I could not have asked for better training and laughs. You didn’t just make sure I got through my test, you made it really fun and you will definitely be seeing me again. Thank you so much guys. Much appreciated

Michael Lamb
Ride 4 Life are a fun group of people to be around, they made me feel at ease with them almost straight away. They provide all the equipment you might need and they make sure you feel safe at all times. They got me through my test before the law changed and I have to say they were nothing but encouraging and kind. If you are struggling to decide which riding school to go with, look no further as Ride 4 Life do have everything you need to get you through the test, from the expertise to the friendly smile. Thanks again for getting me through my tests.

Fiona Edmondson & Lloyd Thackray
We would like to say a huge thank you to all at ride for life. We were recommend to you and so glad we were. There were a few tears along the way (mainly me not Lloyd!) but we both got there together. We are both going to miss coming down for lessons and all the banter afterwards but I am sure we will keep coming to see you plenty on our bikes 🙂 Also thank you to Bomber for putting up with the pair off us!

Kev Bayles
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you guys for getting me past my DAS Course, not only got great support, but you guys made the whole thing fun. Always having great advice and tips to make me a better rider.

Mike Thomas
I would like to say a huge thank you to the lads at ride 4 life, you guys have been brilliant. I looked around the internet to find somewhere to do a direct access course and am really happy I decided to do it through you, in particular Bomber and Dave. Even when I forgot my docs on test day they stayed calm (unlike me), they are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks again guys.

Giselle Kiddy
I’d like to say a huge thanks to all the crew at Ride 4 Life who helped me pass my test. I still can’t believe I’ve done it! When I came for my CBT at the end of September with Dom I was a quivering wreck. Being a 40 year old female I was more than a little nervous to say the least. I never thought I would get so far so quick. The whole team soon put me at ease. You just can’t help but love Cuddy, even when he was bawling in my ear to get out of the bus lanes! I’ve only one word to describe Bomber (who was my main instructor) and that’s AWESOME! Rod and Higgy also helped me out the day before my tests and gave me the confidence to get out there and do it. These guys are not only professional instructors, they’re passionate about what they do and it shows the moment you meet them. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of learning to ride. I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys out on the road. It’s the best thing I’ve done since getting rid of the hubby!!!

Ryan Cashmore
I chose Ride 4 Life after doing my cbt there for a 125 and soon came back as soon as I could do the direct access. The instructors I had were Dave and Bomber both full of knowledge about bikes and soon get you confident on the bigger bikes, had a really good laugh there and a fair few good cups of tea aswell. I only had 4 or 5 sessions and I passed with 3 minors which is down to the lads at ride 4 life. I can highly recommend them for their patience, knowledge, and understanding no matter what your skill level, male or female. might pop back to do the advanced riding once i’ve recovered from skinting myself for a hornet 600! much appreciated! ryan cashmore

Pauline Mitchell
I have done many things in my life and at 46 and being female this seemed to many of my friends a moment of madness. I chose Ride 4 Life because of their reputation and this website; travelling from south of the humber bridge I then and still do believe it was worth that extra effort to get this high level of training. I came in the middle of August to do my CBT having never sat on a motorbike and although daunted by the task came away from that day really enthused. I immediately embarked on the direct access training and have had a whale of a time; I have never met such a wonderful group of people in the instructors who are indeed very talented educators and who obviously love to pass on their knowledge. I have special thanks to Dave (The Somerset Stallion) who went that extra mile and took me shopping for my leathers and to Paul (bomber) who has the patience of a saint,a very colourful use of the english language and who has made me smile even when things went very wrong because I was having a blonde moment and finally to Higgi who chased me round the Mod 1 yard on a very hot day trying to get me to go faster – I have learnt to ride a bike and to have fun again and that is priceless and I will miss hearing those sweet nothings in my ear like “wind it on you crazy tart” I know having now passed my test I still have a long way to go to ride a bike as competently as these guys (if i ever will) but I also know I have been given the skills that will keep me safe, so much so my daughter will come when she is 16 to do her CBT. If anyone who is reading this has any doubts about traing with Ride 4 Life please don’t, the level of training is exemplary and you will have a ball at the same time. I will miss coming for training but will hopefully keep in touch.

James Field
Hi Dave, just thought I’d write to tell you how much I appreciate all your guys teaching, friendliness and professionalism towards motorcycle instruction. You took me from cbt to passing Mod 2 within a month, would of been even less if I didn’t have to go away for 2 weeks, so I’m chuffed to bits, especially with there essentially being a time limit for us 21 year olds wanting a full license. also i’d like to say a big thanks to Paul who trained me the vast majority of the time for my Mods1&2, easy to get on with and tells you everything you need to know to pass your tests. Passed everything first time, can’t ask for any more, I will certainly be recommending Ride 4 Life to my friends!

Topsy Llewelyn-Jones
Choosing Ride 4 Life was one of the best decisions I have made! I wanted to get my license quickly before I had to go back to university. Dave and guys made that happen and I cannot say thank you enough! I have always wanted to ride, when I was ten I wished to be twenty one so i could do my direct access! but this summer I got my A2 because unfortunately the government put a stop to those dreams with changes to the license laws. Most of my training was with Bomber and it was first class! everything was explained and demonstrated clearly and both the Bomber and Higgi have endless patience, I never thought I would be able to slow ride! but I was given the confidence I needed and taught the skills I needed to pass. Everyone is really friendly and relaxed I really could not recommend Ride 4 Life more to anyone who wants to not only learn to pass their bike tests but also learn to ride a bike properly from a great bunch of guys who know what they are talking about!

Martin Dougherty
From motorcycle instruction to bacon butties and even a private dance on the veranda from lush (Dave was hiding in the garage), Ride 4 Life provide more than just how to ride a bike safely. The patience they showed and the calm professional approach they took with me as a very nervous beginner was outstanding. Rather than rush me through they gave me the time and guidance to help me make progress at my pace with safety paramount. Paul in particular explained everything at a level I was able to grasp with careful demonstration of any issue I didn’t understand. I would highly recommend Ride 4 Life to anyone wanting to ride a bike. Dave and team made the whole process so enjoyable that my wife now wants to start with her CBT at Ride 4 Life and onwards to a full licence. Thanks again Dave!!

Philippa D’ Netto
Just wanted to say a big thank you and hurrah to the lads at Ride 4 Life. I’ve been cowardly just renewing my CBT every 2 years with the MISconception that doing my big girls test would be pointless, as there’s no way this short little lass could pass it. I couldn’t even do a figure of 3 never mind an 8. Anyway after a great day renewing my CBT, Ozzie Dave gave me a boot up the proverbial and told me to stop being lazy. So I signed up. After only a few lessons on the road and the slow stuff round the yard I was up to speed (quite literally on the avoidance / controlled stop) and was put in for my tests. Had great tips tailored to my riding style and foibles especially from Dave and Bomber getting round Mod 1 and Higgy out on Mod 2 which passed both my tests with a clean sheet! Most importantly they taught me how to ride safely and gave me some guidance that has kept me safe and made me a much better rider (as well as a better car driver). Now cruising along safely on my Honda Shadow VT750 and just done 1300 miles round the Scottish Lochs. Awesome! If you’re sitting there thinking that you want to do it one day then just take the ‘Ozzy Dave kick’ and get on with it. You won’t regret a day of it!

John Oratis
After several years of debating wether to get my UK motorcycle license as I already had an EU one and paid a lot more insurance, I found Dave Cuddys school and chose to do it there as I thought his website for very clear and concise and speaking to him over the phone I could tell he knew what he was talking about.
Needed fine tuning to be able to go back to basics to pass the test as I already had 18 years experience in riding. I must say that all guys are very professional and experienced with superb instructional technique. Without their training and knowledge I would have no way of passed the test. So thank you very much guys, very much appreciated..

Jonathan Slater
I want to give thanks to everyone at ride 4 life training for helping me pass my test and making me ready and confident enough to ride a motorcycle through Northern Europe 2 days after I passed my DAS. Special thanks to Paul for building my confidence and being patience with me during the summer as I was either overly reckless or overly careful. I feel I have found the balance now, but I am still learning. I can recommend ride 4 life training to anyone wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely, but in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Ride 4 life is such a great motorcycle school that I came all the way from Norway to learn from the best Yorkshire has to offer. They’re not only better than their competitors but cheaper as well. So it’s a win-win situation really. Thanks again guys.

Roger Smith
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dave. I had not ridden a bike for 20 yrs but was invited to Vancouver, Canada to ride around British Columbia, the Rockies and Washington State in the US. My wife’s proviso was that I had a refresher. So, on a wet and windy morning, Dave took me back to motorcycling. We had a really useful hour or so off the road, learning some slow riding techniques that would have destroyed the clutch of my BSA Bantam or Matchless 350 and I’m sure made my poor father role over in his grave but were fantastic through the rush hour traffic in downtown Vancouver. I really enjoyed the few hours Dave took me out and cannot recommend him enough to anyone returning to motorcycling, I went from feeling nervous and a bit shaky to quietly confident and safe in a relatively short time, saving valuable time whilst I was away. Getting a few hours guidance was great, so if you have any hang ups about getting a refresher forget them. The trip was great with 2000 incident free miles on a borrowed Honda Shadow spread over about 8 days riding through some of the most stunning country in the world

Andy Hall
I cannot speak highly enough of the instruction at Ride 4 Life. They took me, a complete novice rider, through every stage of training from CBT to MOD 2 with good humour, a lot of patience and excellent guidance. All of the trainers provided the same high quality, personalised level of instruction and I could see my progression from lesson to lesson. Learning with Ride 4 Life is very good value and I feel it has given me the best preparation for owning my own bike. I passed my Mod 2 with no faults, a proud achievement and a great way to finish my training. Many thanks to you all!

Steve Plaxton
I would thoroughly recommend Ride 4 Life to anyone interested in doing their CBT / Full Bike licence. I had little confidence at first, but with the help from Dave, Dom, Paul and Higgy I quickly progressed to a Full licence holder. Their training is flexible to fit around your commitments (weekends or half days etc), the 500 and 600cc bikes are well maintained and excellent to learn on. The mod 1 off road training site is very realistic, which puts you at ease for the real test. The DAS instructors are very encouraging and have a lot of useful advice, both for passing the tests, and to stay safe beyond. The training school is based at Dave’s house, which also helps to put you at ease, as its relaxed and welcoming.

Jason Hawkins
Hi Dave
I cant thank you and Paul enough forgetting me through the DAS,so thought I’d write a testimonial for you.
Anyone looking to learn to ride should look no further than Ride 4 life.
From the initial phone call to doing some mod 1 training to successfuly completing my DAS it was a great experiance.Dave and Paul were great instructors easy to talk to and all round nice blokes,they put you at ease straight away leaving you focussed on getting the job done.I came away from each training session confident in my abilities and confident that I would pass each module.
You feel like you are gaining some new friends rather than paying for a service.
Paul was a fountain of knowledge in all things bike related and had a plentiful supply of crap jokes!
I’ll look forward to buying you both a beer if your ever in my pub!

Edmund French
I prepared for the Mod 2 exam of the DAS scheme with Ride 4 Life, and had 2 days riding a 500cc bike under their instruction. I took the Mod 1 test in London, and started training on the bigger bikes with them. I can therefore offer some comparison between Ride 4 Life and other, larger motorcycle training establishments.
Although I found the London centre perfectly adequate and the instructors professional and well trained, ride 4 life in Strensall offers a few perks perhaps not found elsewhere. They operate from a private house and have a small team of instructors. This means that as well as being cheaper, there is no extra hassle or waiting around before a day’s instruction begins or during the training day.
As it is a smaller organisation, instruction is more personal, groups are small and they treat you as an individual rather than merely another customer. My instructor was clear with his advice, never giving too much information but also not leaving any mistakes un-corrected. This was brilliant for my confidence, and even now I still recall their advice when on the road, approaching junctions, roundabouts and any other danger zone. Dave, the boss, is approachable, easy going, patient, and does not make you feel silly, no matter how many questions you wish to ask.
I would seriously recommend them to anyone looking to do their Direct Access course, even if it means travelling a few extra miles

Pete Jackson
As a rider who had a little bit of experience on the road on a 125cc but not much confidence I wanted to learn to ride with a school that would not only help develop my skills but also my confidence. It was through reading the testemonials like this on the site that made me choose ride 4 life and not any of the many other riding schools out there – hence why I am writing mine now. Ii turned up at Dave’s having already passed my cbt and theory test planning to do my mod1 and mod 2 on a 125cc. But after a little gentle persuasion from Dave I have passed both my mod1 and mod 2 tests on one of their DAS bikes in just 4 weeks. From day one Dave and his team put me at ease, the whole team at ride 4 life are professional and very knowledgeable about riding and offer fantastic tuition whilst keeping it relaxed and fun. I would seriously recommend ride 4 life to anybody who is out there that may be reading this who may be in a similar boat to what I was just a few short weeks ago, there is always a brew on when you turn up for a session (and sausage sarnies at weekends too!) and numerous bikes to ride on, so there will be easily be a bike there that you feel comfortable on, as I said – the whole team at ride 4 life are great, but I personally owe a massive “thank you” to Dave and Bomber for helping me pass my test and giving me the confdence to go for the DAS test. Now its time to get that bigger bike and put all that they have taught me into practice – and i will definitely pop in once i have sorted myself a bike for a brew and a sarnie with the guys.

Mark Grice
Eventually got around to sitting still long enough to type this !
Thanks to You all. Dave for your crap jokes! Bomber for understanding a crap rider, and Higgy for the special hand signals, used when spotting a pretty lady , (for some reason they were not printed in my highway code !!) . Learning to ride a motorbike at 51 years old seemed daunting to say the least ,, where would I go to learn to ride, how much will it cost and how long will it take . Ride 4 life was a chance to take, and instantly I had answers to all of my questions, ( apart from “as long as it takes” !!) Dave booked me in immediately to start the same weekend. That’s when it happened,, a most enjoyable experience started,,Talk about made to feel at home, Im sure I have drunk more ‘brews’ than the british army,, and the sausage sandwiches cooked by Daves fair hands were superb and appreciated. ( although i was a kitchen bitch for a day, when Higgy made me cook everyone’s sausages !)
The training was superb,,, a sheer pleasure,,,, fun, and sometimes, much needed harsh words. Bomber made riding a bike look as easy as falling off one ! Higgy dotted all of the I s and crossed the T s
Dave just kept making brews, crap jokes and showing me the new bling on his superb cruiser.
I think the ‘proof was in the pudding’ when Bomber took three of us for our mod 1 tests, upon arrival we watched four riders from some other riding school all fail !! The three of us ‘Ride 4 life’ pupils passed ,,, enough said,,, the grin of pride on Bombers face left a lasting impression.
I will definitely recommend ‘Ride 4 life’ to anyone who wants to ride a bike (and to anyone who just wants to have a laugh on a weekend !)
Thanks once again you are a great bunch (Ok the sun is out,,, Harleys waiting,,,, going for a cruise across the wolds !)

Matt Kirk
If you’re looking for a professional yet friendly school, look no further. if you can handle Dave’s jokes then you’ll get on just fine! special thanks to Aussie Dave, Bomber, Higgy, and of course the Dude himself! definitely worth the extra milage to come and train with you guys, I feel thoroughly prepared for any situation, even parked cars at junctions! would have put this testimonial up sooner but almost every waking moment since passing my test has been spent on my bike!

George Dando
Hi Dave, Hope you’ve had a great time at the TT, and would just like to say a big thanks to you and all the guys at ride 4 life.
I’ve really enjoyed all the training and will be sending anyone I know who’s interested in your direction! No doubt I’ll pop over to show off the ZZR soon enough 🙂

Gaz Thompson
If your looking to learn how to ride a bike and not just pass a test, then this is the school for you. Dave and the team were excellent, I took most of my lessons with bomber and walked away with my full licence and not a single bad memory or word to say. If carlsberg made riding schools…. best regards and good luck with your future business operations.

Raymond Brookes
I would like so say a big thanks to Dave and the gang for getting me through my training. Not only did you get me through all the tests but you all kept me at my ease and made it not only a learning experience but also a pleasurable one. Thanks guys.

Mike Ward
My experience with ride for life was great. As a dirt bike rider my experience was catered for perfectly, not over-teaching already known techniques etc.
The instructors are extremely helpful and versed in getting people through their tests and know the area extremely well.
The yard is great, easily accessible and set up exactly as per the MOD 1 area.
A big thanks to Dave and the team and I would recommend them unreservedly.

Emma Backhouse
Dave, Bomber, Higgy, Ian, Aussie Dave, Tony and Tim – first and foremost the biggest thank you ever goes out to you all for getting me from 100% beginner right through my DAS – I can’t tell you how chuffed and excited I am to have done it (though the squeaks and smiles have probably already said that!). From my CBT right through to the ‘pre Mod 2 test’ lesson, you have all been brilliant, especially Bomber (who I had the bulk of my training with) for having the patience of a saint but for also handing out any relevant b********gs when needed – top bombing! Apologies for the seemingly endless ‘blond moments’. Dave – what can I say – except hail the dude! Brews a plenty and always an ear available to bend after a crap day or after failing your Mod 2 first time (yes I didn’t stop crying for about 2 days, but your recovery phone call a few days later was great and just what was needed to get me focused for my next one). Q. Dave what does CBT stand for? A. Cuddy’s Bedroom Techniques! That set the banter stakes for the rest of my training! Higgy thanks for your advice on those Elvington bends – I’m so looking forward to putting that into practise! Sod’s law I never got to show off my curves on test though 🙁 I rant about you lot all the time to anyone who asks about anything bike related and I would most definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of getting on a bike for the first time. The level of skill, knowledge and dedication given throughout my training was absolutely second to none – what a talented and professional group of people, who have an uncanny knack of making you feel instantly relaxed, which has got to be the best thing about learning with these chaps. I mustn’t forget you Linda – your sandwiches played a big part during my first day at the Cuddy Residence – and cake, yes mustn’t forget cuppas and cakes too 🙂 The whole experience has been brilliant and I’m now looking forward to my biking life ahead. From now on I will mostly be like dog s**t………everywhere. Cheers and much love, Em xxxx

Graham Hebron
I passed my Module 1 and 2 first time with Ride 4 Life. Part of the reason was due to the high level of professionalism the instructors offer, but also because away from the bike they are such great fun to be around. There wasn’t a moment where I would stop smiling when training for my A2 restricted license. Now I can ride without L-plates and can purchase the motorcycle of my dreams! None of it would have been possible without the help of Dave and Paul – they are two incredible instructors who never put a foot wrong. I’m more than certain that I will return to Ride 4 Life to develop further skills with the advanced motorcycling courses and then I’m set for life! They make great coffees too. Thank you!

Alan & Helen Hatfield
Booked this course as a husband & wife combo and was only meant to be doing cbt but as soon as we got that under our belts (thanks to ian), we got the bug and booked the full das course. What can we say, what a great bunch of guys (and lush), made to feel welcome every time we turned up for a lesson greeted with lots of cups of coffee and finished the day with a beer, who could have asked for more. Being of the shorter female variety it was such a relief that there was a specially lowered bike for me to train on, although saying that i still managed to drop it 6 times at a cost of 3 levers (lets just say i will never be doing a u-turn again and leave it at that). With work commitments it was so helpful that most of our training could be undertaken on a sunday and only needing to take time off for the mod 2 test, a special mention has to go to Paul (bomber) for your brilliant teaching and understanding, what a star. On a side note, the examiners really are nice people and try to put you at ease and make it feel like you are just out for a ride and not on test. would I recommend ride 4 life ? yes, definitely would and already have done to anybody that will listen. thanks again , we are really enjoying our new biking life.

Caroline Mooney
Just want to say a huge thank-you to you and all the guys for getting me through my test. It wasn’t the easiest thing for me, given that I’d only ever sat on a motorbike once before, about 20 years before doing my CBT! I feel like I was really lucky, considering it was only a chance conversation that led to me finding you guys. You certainly didn’t disappoint – everyone was totally professional at all times but were certainly not without a sense of humour, especially when I decided I ‘needed’ a particular bike, particular boots etc. I’m picky I know, but you worked round me without too much eye-rolling or complaint. And letting me do that meant my confidence grew every single time I got on my bike, along with listening to the constructive criticism, whether it was suggestions for sorting my Mod1 stuff out or for better road riding, that was dished out. The yummy sausage sandwiches gave me time to process everything I was told, and helped to make the monumental decision to stop riding like a girl and then… Well, the little bike symbol on my licence says it all! Because I listened to everything that was said, when I ride on my own now, I feel a lot more confident about positioning, observation and planning when I’m in traffic, and just enjoying the ride in general. You were even right about mopeds trying to undertake when bikes in front are trying to turn left – I nearly hit one which was using a cycle lane, but fortunately my last shoulder check drilled into me by Dave The Dude and Paul and staring daggers at the young scamp (I won’t use the word I want to use!!) as he went past on the right avoided disaster. You could do with some kind of ‘after care’ service though – its like going cold turkey once the lessons stop! Thanks again, Caroline PS Oh yeah, meant to say – I had a delivery guy stop me just as I was parking up one day to sign for a package, and he nearly had a stroke when I took my helmet off and shook my hair out. His expression was worth every damn penny!!

Andy Gisbourne
If you want to learn to ride motorcycles in a safe, supportive, and friendly environment, then Ride 4 Life is the place you’re looking for. No matter what your level of skill or confidence, they’ll get you where you want to be, and you’ll be grinning the whole journey.
Many thanks to all of the team, with a particular shout-out to Bomber for being there at the beginning of my training, at the end when passed my DAS, and all of the times in between where he was his hilarious but intrsuctive self.
Although I haven’t any direct experience of other training schools, I can say – having seen candidates from other training schools at test centres – with relative confidence, that no other training school provides the level of service that Ride 4 Life does. You certainly get bang for your buck. And then some.
Being a biker is the greatest feeling in the world, and I owe a significant part of it to the good people at Ride 4 Life.

Stephen Booth
Dave and the team. I’d just like to thank you all for the excellent training I recieved with ride 4 life. I was of course, delighted to pass yesterday, but i felt that you didn’t just get me through my test, I also felt as if you’d got me to be a competent and safe rider, and I really enjoyed learning with you, consequently I was out on my new bike about ten minutes after getting home!! Thanks again, Steve Booth
(Well done Steve, first person to pass in Jan 2012)

Heather Coulthard
What a great team, can’t believe you all got me through my DAS course, what a brilliant final result. Would like to say a particular thank you to Paul and Tim for all your patience, I could never have done it without you. I would also like to thank Dave for altering the bike, so for all you small people out there Dave has just the bike for you to train on.

Michelle (Micky) Wood
From the moment I walked into the “Cuddy Kitchen” I was made to feel at home with a welcome cuppa and freindly banter. The gang was totally professional but still managed to make learning to ride a total blast. Tim actually managed to stop me thinking I was a bus and kept me out of the bus lanes and even got me to get in lane on a roundabout (PS Tim you still owe me a teddy for that).
Higgy spent many an hour getting me to perfect the fig 8 without strangling me and for that I’m eternally thankfull cos it certainly took some doing!!! Most of all a big thank you to Paul for picking me up off the road when I fell off and keeping me calm and another thank you to Dave for not been cross when I handed over the bits I broke off the bike when we got back!!!
I’ve loved every min of my training and have made some fab mates along the way. I’d say I’m going to miss Cuddy ‘n’ co but they don’t get rid of me that easy I’ll be popping over many Saturdays to come so keep the cake and lager comming dude 🙂
So if your thinking of learning to ride there’s no better place to go…….you’ll have the time of your life and be safe in the knowledge your been taught by a professional team who are dedicated to getting you on the road and keeping you safe.
A massive thanks to you all you’ve made me a very happy biker bimbo lol xxxxxxxxxxx

Olly Shriver
Big thanks to all the guys for the support and effort put into getting me through my direct access.
They are very professional instructors and genuinely want not just to get you through the test, but to get you to ride to a good standard so that you will be safe out on the road. Having said this everyone’s manner is very friendly and the banter is great. There were as many ladies at the bike school as guys when I was training so ladies don’t be put off.
Mrs Cuddy’s sandwiches will be what I miss the most though, and if I pop back to the garage to say hi I will make sure its at around 12:30pm.

Helen Frost
“I cannot thank Paul and Dave enough for the time and effort they made for me; from not having ridden before to passing the full DAS (despite the bloody red lights first time round, grrr), my summer ends perfectly!
Paul and Dave put alot of effort into helping me learn, always making sure I was happy and safe before anything else. Even when I dropped the bike a couple of times (Oops, sorry) they always went to pick me up first, expressing concern for my welfare before checking the bike.
There was always a good atmosphere here; Quality banter, support, and hospitality galore (Dave baking=A-MA-ZZZZZZING!) is a staple provision throughout. I am not particularily shy so ‘giving as good as I get’ isn’t a problem, however, as a 25 yr old girl who doesn’t exactly look the traditional part of a biker I wondered what sort of reception I would receive and I am more than happy to say the equality and attitude displayed was top notch. To which end, I would and have advocated Ride for Life as a great place to train for ALL; As evidence, I drove back from Edinburgh in order to complete my training with these guys out of sheer loyalty!
These guys really will do the utmost to taper to your needs and help you to achieve your goals and develop quality skills with a flexible approach. They demonstrate care and pride in their work by striving to push you above and beyond what is required.
I’ll miss the banter with Paul, Dave and every stray who is warmly welcomed into Dave’s home.
Kind regards and hugs to all the guys,
Helen x”

Steve Alldridge
Having passed my Mod 2 test last week, and told Dave what I thought of him and his outfit, he said “drop us a line that we can add to our testimonials, they’re always welcome”.
Well having just read those that are already there, I’m not sure I can add very much because most of my thoughts have been expressed very well already by others. Basically, Dave and his crew, and I think I had instruction from just about every one of the gang (good – got different perspectives), are a great bunch who manage to mix utter professionalism and seriousness on the bike, with a good line in banter off it. Nevertheless, I’ll try and think of a few points that potential students might appreciate:-
•Someone’s already said the guys don’t take the mickey. This is true – the feedback / criticism is always constructive, very important for building confidence.
•They are patient and supportive. I wasn’t a slow student but I made my share of mistakes – e.g. I dropped a bike doing something daft – nothing to do with the instruction. Broke a lever. The guys didn’t bat an eyelid, part replaced quickly and we were out on the road, no judgemental comments or frowns. I learned my own lesson.
•Lush’s sarnies, and as many brews as you can drink are a real nice touch if you’re at the school for a day. I didn’t expect it, and it’s those “little things” that make the big difference.
•If you’re there at the right time AFTER INSTRUCTION’S FINISHED (for the benefit of the DSA), you might get offered a beer – outstanding behaviour.
I guess the above adds up to creating the feeling that for the duration of training with R4L, you are part of the group, so it becomes more than just a functional experience. And I reckon that’s a pretty valuable thing.
As for the actual quality of the training, well I passed both tests 1st time, and the one fault on Mod 2 was my error, so I’d say R4L did their job well.
Can’t compare them with other schools as I didn’t try any, but I’ve certainly no hesitation in recommending R4L if you are about to start a DAS course.

Richard Ward
Thinking of getting your bike license? then these are the guys you need. they have a vast amount of experience and knowledge which they want to impart and do a great job in doing so. everyone I meet whilst learning had nothing but praise to say of their instructor. Personally I really enjoyed my time and will miss my saturday afternoons with the lads, as soon as get my bike and a few miles under my wheels I will be back for some advanced instruction. What better recommendation then that could there be? thanks everyone.

Rob White
Absolutely superb in just nine days I went from never having ridden a motorbike to passing my DAS with a clean sheet first time. Dave many thanks to yourself and your team, it was thoroughly enjoyable and a great laugh as well. I personally highly recommend ride -4 – life for anybody wanting to learn to ride or enhance his or her riding skills. cheers Rob

Simon Ashby
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dave and the team, especially Paul and Tim for taking me from an absolute novice rider to passing my DAS with flying colours. Dave and the team really put you at ease and give their full attention, guidance, tuition and support. Dave welcomes everyone to his house with open arms, and i was not surprised to hear him tell me to pop by anytime for a brew and a chat even now I have passed my test. If you are comparing the other training companies in and around York I can promise you would never regret choosing ride -4 – life, the financial charges are realistic and i think cheaper overall compared to other training schools as it’s a flat fee…meaning they won’t put to through for your test until you are ready with no extra charges. kind regards and keep up the great work.

David Brewer
Just a short note of appreciation for today’s course it was great fun and
just what I needed after fifteen years without a bike. I would recommend the
course to anyone particularly to give confidence to the over 60’s.
Thanks again,

Rob Chilton
I cannot speak highly enough of Dave and his team – Higgy and Paul on DAS and Ian and Aussie Dave on CBTs – these guys are brilliant at what they do, not only what they did for me but what I saw them achieve with others. Young or old, male or female, I haven’t seen anyone they didn’t connect with.
The training really is done to your pace; there’s a great camaraderie among the students on both Module 1 sessions in the playground (it’s at school) and on Module 2 road rides – you learn a lot from being with others; the instruction is very professional but the sessions are great fun, there’s lots of banter but never p*** taking. And if you’re lucky, after a Saturday morning Mod 2 session before you’re afternoon Mod 1, Lush will have made a cake for lunch.
Here are some phrases you’ll become familiar with – (anyone who has been through it recognise who says which?)
There’s always a brew on
Lots of clutch
Big left look watch out for the flat cappers – (at the Hopgrove roundabout)
Wind it on, come on it’s 60 miles an hour
Over the radio ‘We’ll head over to B&Q now for a brew and a few b****ckings’
It’s open house at Dave’s, it’s like going round to your mate’s house. What a fantastic environment to learn to ride a motorcycle.
Thanks for making me feel so welcome and for your encouragement – I’ll miss my weekends with you guys.
See you for some advanced stuff next year.
Best wishes

Alisdair Dey
Dave, just wanted to say thanks to you all for getting me through the test. I could not recommend you highly enough. You were all great company and made the learning fun. I enjoyed it so much that I will miss the people and the lessons ( not the swarfega though ). Thanks for all the coffee and bacon butties as well. Alisdair

Tom Ravenscroft
Just like to say a huge thank you to yourself and all the rest of the team for teaching me so well! For anyone reading this who’s thinking about doing their training I would seriously recommend it through Ride-4-Life! I know it seems like a lot of money at first, but believe me it’s worth every penny, talk about value for money! You get what you pay for as well, all the guys are awesome riders and really know what they’re doing, as you would expect. On your first ride you’ll probably think “I wish he would just shut up banging on at me!”, but it actually helps a lot and you’ll thank them for it later I have to say. The fact that I passed both Modules first time with only silly mistakes I made myself that were only down to nerves just goes to show how good the training is! Thanks a lot you guys!

Phil Dyson
“In terms of professional attitude and instructional ability the guys at Ride 4 Life were first class throughout my time with them. Not only did I learn from the lessons but they always managed to make them enjoyable as well. I would recommend without hesitation this school for anyone hoping to learn how to ride in a professional yet relaxed environment and also enjoy themselves whilst doing it.”
All the best Dave for the future and I will hopefully see you next time I’m up York way.

Chris Dearnley
Dave and the guys,
Just wanted to write a quick email to express how grateful I am to Dave and Paul (didn’t know that was your name bomber!) for all their help, patience, good humour during my DAS course.
I would not have changed a thing about my experience with this school, I would, and have recommended Ride 4 Life to others.
Epic guys, always fun, always safe and with constructive criticism. If anything they train you above test standard so even if you don’t do yourself justice on test day the result should still be favourable. Not talking from experience there obviously……… ha ha
To me there is only one place to go so if you are reading this get on with it!
Thanks again guys you were awesome.

Chris Ward
Hi Dave, just a quick one from “dad”: many thanks for the excellent training you gave Lisa. I can’t fault the way Lisa was taught and how she took to her lessons. I was quite pleased at you allowing me to call by and watch the Mod 1 training, especially when I had concerns over the swerve manoeuvre, which I thought you explained very well and put me at ease.
I dropped a line into MCN about the Mod1 and also gave you a bit of free advertising! Whether they publish is another matter, we’ll see.
Again, many thanks, I’m sure Lisa has passed her thanks on too, maybe catch you at the tea bar at B&Q…..coffee and sandwich on me!
Regards, Chris.
ps. Lisa’ been out on the CBR 600F and had a big grin on her face. Did very well considering we came into wet weather.

Rowland Jowett
Hi Dave,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the training. Yourself, Paul and Higgy did an excellent job to get me through my mod 2 in just over 1 week, having never been on a motorbike in my life. The training was faultless, and it is a massive bonus that your team are so friendly which makes it an enjoyable experience.
I drove my new bike back down last night 240miles after the test (although I’m struggling to sit down now!!!). I felt confident to do this, as your training has put me above the standard required to simply pass the test. I still have lots to learn, but you have set me off with a great start.

Gary Snowball
Just wanted to say massive thanks for not only a cracking day out around the glorious North Yorkshire countryside on the Advanced Rider Training, but also for taking my riding up to whole new level. After passing my Direct Access training with you last year I had no hesitation in returning to you for some advanced training to develop my road craft. After taking delivery of my new VFR 1200 and making plans for long distance tours with a pillion I decided it was time to seek additional professional tuition to raise my game. Quite simply, my riding will never be the same again. I have certainly noticed a massive improvement (and grin) already after employing your advice on road position, lines and the importance of how to read what’s going on all around me. You highlighted my weak areas and how to work on them, which has given me a new heightened confidence on the road when I can see how a small change in road position really can make a huge difference. It was the kind of day that I would imagine could benefit anyone regardless of what machine or experience they have.
Cheers Dave, really enjoyed it. ‘Legend.’
Regards, Gary Snowball

Helen Cox
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dave, Higgi and Paul for getting me through my DAS. You guys are so patient, even when I could only manage to concentrate on something for about 4 seconds! The lessons are tailored to each individual and gave me plenty of time to practice various manoeuvres, and then combine this with the knowledge and confidence to ride safely. I am also grateful to you for starting two of my sons on the road to safe biking via their CBTs.
So, special thanks to Dave for sharing more cigarettes with me than is good for us, to Paul for his wise words and calming influence during my tests, and to Higgi for getting his legs out so often.
Thanks again guys for teaching me so much! xx

Pennie Herd Winspear
Thank you Dave and Paul for getting me through my test, after going with another training school and getting nowhere I was pleased to have found you. You are second to none. All you ladies out there who are thinking of taking your test I highly recommend Dave and all his team who all make you feel comfortable and build your confidence no end, they make it fun with lots of laughs.
Looking forward to seeing ya at the rallies Dave. xx

Richard Wilkins
It is difficult to express the mixture of delight and relief that I felt in passing my Module 2 this week and gaining a full motorcycle licence.
While acknowledging that ultimate success is down to the individual concerned, this achievement would not have been possible without the expert training that I have received at ride-4-life. What has struck me throughout my training has been the totally consistent approach that has been adopted by you, Paul and Higgi. You have all been firm, fair but friendly to me, demonstrating infinite patience with my somewhat at times inconsistent and variable performance.
Your criticism, that has been absolutely necessary to improve my riding skills, has always been constructive and not destructive. While recognising that everybody makes mistakes, you all worked hard at boosting my confidence and convincing me that I had the capabilities to succeed.
In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending ride-4-life school to anyone requiring motor cycle training at whatever perceived level of experience and skill.
It has been a privilege and pleasure to meet you and all your training colleagues and I promise that, as invited, I will visit you again when I have purchased my new bike. Thank you all again for adding a new dimension to my life at 65 years of age!

Steve Ruane
Hi Dave many thanks, to you and the team, for getting me through my full bike test. I enjoyed the whole experience despite the great British weather through January, February and March. The training was first class, a good mix of light hearted and serious when needed, good support and a boot up the arse if necessary. Do I hold the record for best skid in the playground by the way? The result speaks volumes – only 2 minors on my Module 2 (we know he missed my last life saver so it should only have been one minor) I have only one complaint – DITCH PLANET ROCK, all that rock music in the morning is NOT GOOD. Now I am fully legal I can take passengers on my 1961 Lambretta – do any of you fancy riding pillion with me, on a machine with soul, to a scooter rally? All the best to you Dave, please pass on my thanks to Higgy too. Ride 4 life is now officially approved by Scooterists

Steve (Action Man) Hawkins
Hi Dave,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a belated Thank you. I passed my MOD2 at the end of October, and got a month of riding in the freezing cold, wet, sleet, fog and dark – which although I didn’t appreciate at the time was very good experience. When the snow came down at the end of November I tucked my bike away and it only came back out last weekend. When I first sat on it again I was very very nervous, but that vanished as soon as I left the drive and now I am buzzing every time I get on it. It seems a long time ago since I first sat on that 600cc in the playground in the pouring rain, and proceeded to drop it on the floor (sorry). A big Thanks to Aussie Dave for the CBT (I think i still owe him a few pints for every time I left an indicator flashing), Higgy for spotting every mistake I made and telling it the way it was, Paul for calming the nerves before my Mod1. And as for you Dave ‘The Legend’, I can remember you telling me you used to be a sniper, which I laughed off – but I can remember you following me at a distance of about 100 metres with traffic and a blind bend between us and you still spotted the errors I made – Brilliant. Which ever one of you I went out with, the tuition was always first class and any criticism (or more commonly known as beasting) was vey constructive. The plentiful supply of tea, bacon butties and all of the instructors first class wit was an added bonus. I miss my weekends with you guys and will pop back in to see you very soon.
All the best

Richard Thomas
Sorry it’s taken a few days to get this to you. I just wanted to say a big ThankYou to you and all your team. And extra thanks to Higgi who spent a little bit of time with me ironing out a few faults in my riding. What a great job you did – very patient and very informative. The fact that I passed with no minors on both modules is not down to good riding – I put it down to the excellence of your instruction. What’s more, I had an enjoyable few weeks with you, you didn’t make it stressful, in fact it was great fun.
It was a pleasure spending time with you