DAS Full Bike Licence

Do I need my own bike?
No, we have 600cc bikes available for the DAS training.

What Experience do I need?
You must have passed your CBT on a 125cc machine and be over the age of 24 years old.

How long is the DAS course?
Well it depends on your availability and how quick you respond to the training, you have to master the slow speed riding skills before you can take your Module 1 Test.

How much is the DAS training?
The cost for the DAS course training is £110.00 inc VAT for half a day and £190.00 inc VAT for a full day, all prices are listed on the ”Prices & Times” page on this web site.

Does the training get cancelled for bad weather?
No, we run training whatever the weather – after all you won’t always be riding your bike in good weather once you’ve passed your test.

Do I need to do a Theory Test?
No, you don’t need a Theory Test to start your DAS training but you will need the Theory Test before you can book the Module 1 test and the Module 2 practical test in your name. So the sooner you can take it the better.
The number to call to organise a Theory test is 0300 200 1122, please have your driving licence ready and credit / debit card for payment.

What if I fail the Module 1 or Module 2 test?
We book you in for another test ASAFP. We will also help you understand why you failed and do our best to make sure you pass the next time.

What Do I need to bring with me for the DAS training?
You will need to produce a valid CBT certificate,  your Driving Licence Photo Card and the Theory Test certificate if you have passed it.

For test day you will need….
For test day you will need photographic identification ie a passport if you have the old style paper driving licence. Don’t forget your CBT & Theory Test Certificates, if you are taking the Module 2 test you will also need your Module 1 pass certificate and your Driving Licence Photo Card. (get all doc’s ready the night before).