Enhanced Rider Scheme

The enjoyment gained from riding a motorcycle skillfully and safely is second to none. However, it takes confidence, excellent riding skills, physical co-ordination and balance.
Keeping your skills up to date and checking that you have not become overconfident, complacent, or picked up some bad or dangerous habits is something that few of us do.

The DSA, along with the motorcycle industry, has put together a new package of training known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

The DSA, in partnership with training experts have developed a training scheme designed to assess your riding, reduce risk and improve your skills.
There is a network of approved trainers known as RPMT Trainers, thats the Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers.
The Founder and Owner of Ride-4-Life, Dave Cuddy is registered as an RPMT Trainer.

The scheme is beneficial to all bike riders who have a full motorcycle licence, no matter what size of bike, or the experience level of the rider. There is no test involved and you may not need to take any training if your skills are assessed as satisfactory. You will also earn discounts on your insurance as a result
Many of the leading motorcycle insurance companies have signed up to the scheme and are prepared to offer substantial discounts to riders who have shown they can ride to the ERS standard and have received a certificate.

To Book email info@ride-4-life.co.uk or call 01904 761634
FAQ: ERS Advanced Biking FAQ