10 cunning ways to stay alive

  1. Suspect-looking car driver waiting to pull out from side road: move rapidly from the kerb to the centreline, or vice versa. The sideways movement helps get you noticed.
  2. You go where you look. So in a panic situation, look for the way out, not at the obstacle.
  3. Psychological research has shown that group riding automatically increases your willingness to take risks. Accept this and you’ll have less chance of riding like a cock.
  4. If you’re piling into a bend too fast, a touch of rear brake will tighten your line.
  5. Give yourself more chances to overtake lorries – hang 50 yards further back. Not only can you see round the damn thing; you can start accelerating earlier, shrinking your overtake time.
  6. Approaching nasty bumps, ease up off the seat, grip the bars gently and put your weight through the footrests. It keeps the bike more stable.
  7. Tense shoulders, clenched teeth and a dropped field of vision mean you’re overloaded. Do yourself a favour and notice it.
  8. Car drivers assume you’re sticking to the speed limit. And why shouldn’t they?
  9. Spend the rest of your life trying to get smoother. That means jerk-free braking, gear changing and throttle roll-on. Aim to read the road so well you take each corner with a single steering input.
  10. Cultivate a humble, tolerant attitude. If some idiot cuts you up and you react, you’re vulnerable until you calm down again. Instead, see him as just another obstacle to deal with.